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  • New Hollywood star

    New face in Hollywood. Love her character on NCIS.
  • Get rid of her

    My wife hates her shoes and she can"t act. She is not a good fit for the show. If she is still here next season, we won't watch NCIS New Orleans.
  • An abysmal actress getting by on what others call a pretty face. . .

    Honestly, an awful actress, at least what I have seen on her on JAG and other episodic television. I cringed when she came onto the screen in JAG, and by the end of the series, every time she showed up, I was throwing things at the screen. They ruined it by bringing that particular character back. It should have been a one-shot deal and we would never see her again. Huge mistake keeping her around and letting the much more interesting characters of Chegwidden, Tiner, and Harriet leave. Sorry. She completely ruined a show that I dearly loved.
  • I sat next to her in high school geometry!

    It's so neat to see Zoe on this television show. After some...shall we say "not so memorable" movie appearances, (Dungeons and Dragons) it looks like she's really hit her stride playing Lisa on DIRTY SEXY MONEY. She's just as good--if not better--than her big name cast mates. Before Dirty Sexy Money, she spent 2 seasons with a prominent role on JAG. Who knew back in the day that the homecoming queen from SK High School class of '92 would be acting along side Donald Sutherland someday? It's been cool to watch her in films or on the small screen and say, "I knew her when..."
    Good for you, Zoe!
  • Talented Enough to appear in more places than she does.

    We mostly remember her from the entertaining enough but forgettable Dungeons and Dragons movie, but Zoe McLellan is the sort of actress that should have done much better than she has. She has a gorgeous dishy figure and a good talent with face and eyes. In D&D she played the snobby Marina who later realizes she loves the dashing thief. Her role was a bit simple but she added fun to it with a nice range of non-verbal expression. I wonder why she has not done more because Hollywood loves beautiful women with some acting chops and she qualifies. Zoe also has a face than play older or younger which is quite useful in terms of versatility. McLellan is definitely an underused talent who is capable of much more. She would make a great Soap Opera actress, combining gorgeous with the emotional range needed for such jobs.
  • She is marvellous.

    Seen her really well for the first time in the TV series "Dirty Sexy Money" where she blows of the screen. In the IMDB I have seen her with long hair, thank good she took the step to cut it. In DSM she plays the wife of the family lawyer and keeps him sane in the world of power and money. Without her he would drown without knowing it just like his father. She plays a very good character and plays convincingly. Hope to see her more in series and films as long as does not grow back her hair long.