Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana


6/19/1978, New Jersey

Birth Name

Zoe Yadira Zaldanazario


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Zoe was born in the New Jersey from Dominicans parents. Saldana moved at age 10 from New York City to the Dominican Republic where she won a dance scholarship to the preeminent school of the arts, Ritmos Espacio de Danza Academy. Returning to the United States as a…more


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    • Zoe (About the movie industry's typecasting): I don't understand labels. I don't need anybody to tell me I'm Latina or black or anything else. I've played characters that were written for Caucasian females, I just want to be given the same consideration as everybody else, and so far that has been happening.

    • Zoe (When asked if Annamaria was going to make a re-appearance in the next "Pirates" movie): I don't know. I wouldn't say no if they called but to be honest with you, if they don't, I was in the first one and that, to me is amazing. The experience that I had with working with Gore (Verbinski) and slapping Johnny Dep. I will take that to my grave and I will die a happy woman, trust me.

    • Zoe (About her life as an actress): You need 100% commitment; you have to be willing to wake up every morning knowing you're going to practice eight hours straight.

    • Zoe: Being a former dancer, classical dancer, it informed me as a human being just in terms of the grace I guess. Ballet is a very graceful form of art. You also become very aware of your body and your mind and your body is working in conjunction. That kind of helps you in acting as well. It's not only using your mind, it's like making your mind communicate this character into your body so that you can bring it to life and physicalize it.

  • Truly wonderful! ZOE the Dominican Princess is simply irresistible wholesome, pretty. Graced with style and class truly one god’s perfect and wonderful gifts to the world!

    While I have seen her in drum line and on law and order, and I have seen her in snipes it was that movie (snipes) that I really recognized her and wanted to know who she was. I have just recently seen her in guess who and my curiosity has grown. I began to search more about her and I have been reading about pirates and I will rent that to see more of her. She is so beautiful and represents the very essence of beauty, charm, sexiness, and charisma that a hot-blooded vivacious Dominican woman can possess. I pray that she has received Jesus as her Lord and savoir and that she is saved and going to heaven because heaven is truly missing an angel. My dream would be to meet her and just hang out as two normal people not as a star struck guy or some one trying to push up on her. Just a true and real good friend. Perhaps we can meet one day hang out at orchard beach walk the nature trail or the beach, afterwards go to city island for lunch at Tony’s, then hit New Roc city and catch a movie, and after that go to white plains for dinner at the cheese cake factory. My name is Brian and I am from Bridgeport, CT, which is about 45 minutes north of NYC. Approx. 40 miles and about 30 minutes from the Bronx. Currently work at Gerald Metals Inc. Commodities Trading, Stamford, CT Copper Distribution Traffic and Logistics Administrator and Contract Manager. I am also a Real estate agent, real estate investor, and FX currency, options and futures trader. Love you Zoe! I pray to God to meet you personally one day.