Zoë Tapper

Zoë Tapper


10/26/1980, Bromley, Kent, England

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Zoe Tapper
  • The cast of BBC's Reunited (UK) pilot
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  • Abby (Julie Graham) and Anya (Zoe Tapper...
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ZoTapper (born 1980 in Bromley,Kent) is a British actress who first came to prominence playing Nell Gwynne in Richard Eyre's award-winning film Stage Beauty in 2004. She is known for portraying Anya Raczynski in Survivors and Mina Harker in Demons. On stage Tapper has appeared in Epitaph for…more


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    • Zoe: (on playing Mina Harker in Demons): She's quite complicated. The series is set in the present-day, so I'm supposed to be about 125 years old. I look pretty good for my age. I really vamped it up, plus I got to sink my fangs into Gareth from The Office's neck, which was fun.

  • Pretty damn amazing

    As if we didn't know she was talented in Hex she's taken it to the next step by doing something a lot of actors and actresses can find it difficult to do. She's playing a character who's blind, which takes a lot of talent and focus.

    Not to mention the fact that she's GORGEOUS! I love her to pieces and she's just stepped up to equal my love of Rose McGowan (especially when she's a vampire!) and that's quite hard to beat for me.

    To me she's too amazing for words. :) Good look to her in the future and I can't wait for The Grind!moreless
  • Very delightful acting ability, very pretty.

    Her acting in Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont was superb, she complimented the leading actors well especially a nice relationship was portrayed between her and Ludwig.The choice of props and locations enhanced the act in every scene Zoe appeared in, the camera work was superb enhanced by only the best direction. The look of dedication Zoe had for Ludwig was heartfelt. They enhanced each others acting and I would like to see them in something together again.In the movie it was very moving when Zoe lent over to Mrs Palfrey and kissed her on the cheek as Mrs palfreys words were all to her. Overall a job well done I thoroughly enjoyed her performance.moreless