Zoe Trilling

Zoe Trilling


1/1/1966, Unrevealed

Birth Name

Geralyn Mae Betzler



Also Known As

Geri Betzler
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Not much is known about Zoe Trilling, but she left such a strong presence in her film roles that has developed a small cult of loyal fans. Born as Geralyn Mae Betzler, she started out as a dancer, first appearing in the movie, "Girl's Just Want To Have…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • According to her dance card, Zoe Trilling (AKA Geri Betzler) is 5'0" and 83 lbs. (at the time her card was printed). She is blonde, blue-eyed, wears a size 1-3 shoe and her nationality is American French.

    • One of Zoe's best-known film roles was as bad girl Shirley Fenardi in "Night of the Demons 2" (1994).

    • Unhappy with the direction her acting was taking her, Zoe returned to working as a dancer. In 1999, she was working as a dance teacher at The American Ballroom Theater in New York City.

    • Zoe has also acted under the name Geri Betzler, her birth name.

  • Quotes

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  • Where is she now?

    I know Zoe by both of her identities. She scared me as bad girl Zoe Trilling in the second part of the "Night of the Demons" trilogy, and she charmed me as the All-American Geri Betzler in "Amityville: The Evil Escapes." The only time her acting roles intersected was while under the name of Geri Betzler she asked Kelly Bundy on "Married With Children" if she was up for knocking over tombstones. By whatever name she uses, Zoe is a cute and attractive young girl with a very nice figure and a subdued sense of humor. Unfortunately for her, some of her film roles exploited her wheras while she was on TV she had mch better roles. Wherever she is now today, I hope she is doing well and hope she is okay. Her star barely got to glow before it was extinguished.moreless