Zoie Palmer

Zoie Palmer


England, UK

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Zoie Palmer



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Zoie Palmer
  • Zoie Palmer in Lost Girl
  • Zoie Palmer and Anna Silk in Lost Girl
  • Zoie Palmer in Lost Girl
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    • Zoie: (on Bo and Lauren's relationship in Lost Girl) Anna and I are so committed to making sure the dynamic between Lauren and Bo is one that is real and has depth. It was important to the two of us that it was portrayed that way. I hope and think that to that degree we have. It is just a real relationship. One of the things about the show is that it's never sort of mentioned that it's two women and that it's a gay relationship. It just is one. It never comes up as a conversation piece that they're both women. It is just the way that it is and I love that. And I feel that's the way the world should be. That people should love who they love. This show is a great example of that. No one talks about the fact that Dyson is a boy. I think people have responded because it's just a relationship that matters and they love each other and care about each other.

    • Zoie: (on her difference from Lauren, her character in Lost Girl) I think we're different in a lot of ways. I think she is really fearful and does overcome it to some degree. But I don't know if I would have taken what she took for as long as she has done. She has really been subservient to the Ash and Zoie I don't know is as subservient as that in her life, if I can talk about myself in the third person. In that way, I think I enjoy life a lot more than Lauren currently does and I think in part that's her position in the world of the Fae. There's not a lot of time for her to have a lot of fun. So we're pretty different. But I can be pretty nerdy though. We might be equally nerdy.

    • Zoie: (on working with Anna Silk on the set of Lost Girl) Anna and I knew each other — not really well, but being in television the community can be small so we'd kind of crossed paths over the years, but had never worked together. I can't say enough about her. She's such a good person, she is such a fantastic actress and she brings it 1,000 percent every day and that's saying a lot because she is there every day and is she is in pretty much every scene and having to do some really amazing stuff. And she somehow manages to do it with grace and with a smile on her face and with all kinds of humility. She is a really humble person. And we just laugh a ton. We are constantly laughing though our scenes, Anna and I, and I feel like we have to get it together a lot of the time to make it through the serious scenes. She has such a great sense of humor.

  • Geeks can be Hot

    For some, Zoie Palmer (most popularly known as Dr. Lauren Lewis) may not have a stunningly beautiful face but she is most definitely (and undeniably) one of the hottest doctors I have ever seen on screen.

    What I loved about Lauren is her passion with her work and with her love for Bo. She is quite excellent with her field. She never stops talking about science and facts with Bo even in their most intimate situation.

    I will always be Team Lauren or Team Doccubus whatever the ending will be. haven't seen the last two seasons yet and I'm getting anxious already.moreless