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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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Zoran Vidinovski


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Zoran was a contestant on the 2007 season of Big Brother. He made it to the final six, before being evicted in a double eviction with fellow house-mate, Joel. Zoran works as a club co-ordinator in Quennsland, Australia.


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Among Zoran's celebrity crushes is actress Eliska Amor who coincidentally has a long-distance friendship with Aleisha Cowcher, who went on to win Big Brother in 2007.

    • After being evicted from Big Brother, Zoran revealed his only strategy whn entering the house was to keep his friends close and his enemies even closer, but said when he got in there he realised that wouldn't work.

    • Zoran got his chest waxed for the first time during Big Brother. Fellow housemates, Zach and Aleisha (Cowcher) did the waxing.

    • Zoran did not originally plan to audition for the seventh season of Big Brother. He was attending studies on the day of the auditions, which were held at his university. Instead of attending his lectures, he lined up to take part of the sudition process instead.

    • After leaving the "Big Brother" compound, Zoran revealed his favorite games night on Friday Night Live was the Gladiator night.

    • Zoran was the eighteenth housemate to be evicted from season seven of Big Brother. He was evicted as part of a double eviction along with Joel Scalzi. He received 1% of the merged eviction vote.

    • Zoran revealed he classed fellow Big Brother housemate, Daniela, as one his favorite five housemates and hopes to remain friends with her outside the house.

    • Zoran classes Joel Scalzi as his closest friend in the Big brother house, and believes they will remain close friends for good.

    • Zoran works as a club co-ordinator in Quennsland, Australia.

    • Although Zoran is of Macdonian heritage, he has never been to Macedonia himself, and can not speak the language.

    • Zoran has the nickname "Zak".

    • On the first episode of Big Brother, Zoran declared his best feature to be his eyes.

    • On the season opening episode of the 2007 Australian Big Brother series, Zoran revealed he had lost 15kgs in nine weeks just prior to auditioning for the series.

    • Zoran is an amateur magician.

    • Zoran did not enter the 2007 Big Brother house on the first night with his fellow housemates. He was voted in by the public in a 24-hour phone poll. The public had to choose between Zoran and two other males.

    • Zoran's occupation at the time of entering the Big Brother house was as a club coordinator and Promotions officer.

    • As at April 2007, Zoran resides in Queensland, Australia.

  • Quotes

    • Zoran: (asked what the message was that Aleisha gave him from Daniela that made him cry) We were walking towards the graveyard area to put her tag up and Aleisha (Cowcher) said 'Daniela really wanted you to put her tag up.' I turned around and said 'Why does she want me to put her tag up?' and Aleisha told me that Daniela (Da Silva Pola) I didn't really know how much she cared about me. If I knew that then I would have never nominated her.

    • Zoran: Big Brother once said to me, 'Live life a little and bite off more than you can chew.'

    • Zoran: (asked to rate his time in the house, 1 being bad and 10 being fantastic) I would rate it 11/10. Purely because it's something that not many people get to experience and I feel very blessed to have been chosen.

    • Zoran: (asked if he thinks it's worth auditioning for the "Big Brother" series) Absolutely I would recommend auditioning. Make sure you don't audition to go into the House to try and "find yourself" or be something you're not.

    • Zoran: (asked why he thought Zach kept saying he was intimidated by Zoran) He said to me 'Zoran and Travis, you are the kind of guys that would have bashed me in high school'. So we were saying 'Mate, there's no way we would ever do that'. Every time I spoke to him he kind of leant back and I didn't want him to be intimidated so I tried to make him feel comfortable, I even flirted around with him a bit to try and make him feel better and he actually said to me 'Zoran, you've really broken down the barriers for me in the last few weeks'. He's a really good guy, so I'm really glad he's still in the house.

    • Zoran: (asked why he nominated Daniela Da Silva Pola several times during "Big Brother") It was the little things that made me nominate Daniela. We would be having a great conversation and she would say something completely inappropriate and she would be oblivious to it and wouldn't see it as something wrong.

    • Zoran: (asked if "Big Brother" ever got on his nerves) There were times in Nominations where I thought my reasons were good and he thought they were crap and we would rally back and forth and I just wanted to say, "That's a good enough reason for me!" But of course, I had to be thorough.

    • Zoran: (asked if he was "Big Brother", what would be the first thing he did) I'd separate all the HMs into individual rooms and make them figure out how to find each other and I'd recreate the House.

    • Zoran: (on his plans following "Big Brother") I'm going to go with the ride at the moment but I'm having a lot of fun with Joel (Scalzi) after being evicted and we've been running amok so I wouldn't mind teaming up with Joel for something. I'm looking forward to something like that. I think it would be fun.

    • Zoran: (on what he learnt from his "Big Brother" experience) I learnt to bite my tongue a bit because I didn't want to be perceived as negative. I only spoke up when it was necessary. In the house you can't walk away from your problems, you've got to tackle them.

    • Zoran: (asked who annoyed him the most in the "Big Brother" house) Michelle. Hands down. Just the name is making me cringe!

    • Zoran: (on fellow housemate, Daniela Da Silva Pola) I flirted with her but I couldn't see myself dating her. She is a fantastic girl though.

    • Zoran: (on the "Big Brother" task that required him to enter a spider enclosure and catch them) It wasn't the fact that it was one spider. It was the fact that it was 50 massive, creepy, hairy spiders that were EATING each other VIOLENTLY!!!!

    • Zoran: (asked if he ever thought anyone in the "Big Brother" house was being fake) I wouldn't say fake, but I thought sometimes Thomas (Haynes) would lie to make himself look good. That didn't affect me because it wasn't a personal attack. It was pretty much for laughs.

    • Zoran: (asked if he expected to be evicted from "Big Brother" when he was) Yeah, I saw it coming. I felt really flat the past week or two, and had a bit of cabin fever.

    • Zoran: (asked for his most treasured memory from being in the "Big Brother" house) Definitely my time with Susannah (Murray).

    • Zoran: (on his most memorable moment in "Big Brother") The camping task stands out, just because BB put a lot of effort in and it was constantly raining. It was always freezing! And we had buckets for showers! My group got the worse food that entire task, but it was a lot of fun.

    • Zoran: (asked if he will remain friends with "Big Brother" housemate Joel) Absolutely. No doubt about it. Can't wait to go to Adelaide and meet his family properly.

    • Zoran: There were times in Nominations where I thought my reasons were good and he thought they were crap and we would rally back and forth and I just wanted to say, "That's a good enough reason for me!" But of course, I had to be thorough.

    • Zoran: (talking to the goats during the farmyard chore) Excuse me fellas, just picking up your crap.

    • Zoran: (on living on staples in "Big Brother") I never want to hear the word Staples again. Or Tofu. And I can't wait to hit up some KFC.

    • Zoran: (after being evicted from "Big Brother") I actually didn't think I would make it this far, so to make it this close to the end was a big achievement and I am very, very happy.

    • Zoran: (his prediction on who will win the seventh season of "Big Brother") I reckon either Aleisha (Cowcher) or Zach. I just have this hunch and feeling that Aleisha has it. What you see on TV of Aleisha is what she's like. She's great.

    • Zoran: (asked who his favorite housemate was in "Big Brother") It's gotta be Joel. He was a best friend in the house, we got along like brothers. He is one person I knew always had my back.

    • Zoran: (asked for his high point of his "Big Brother" experience) Just meeting a great bunch of people. It was a once in a lifetime experience and just the overall concept just blew my mind.

    • Zoran: (on the relationship between Thomas Haynes & Susannah Murray) When I first found out, it was more of a shock. I wasn't devastated. I didn't think much of it and I hope everything goes well for them if it works out.

    • Zoran: (asked if he would re-enter the house if given a second chance) After seeing tonight's show - it has pumped me up a lot and it makes me really want to get back in there!

    • Zoran: (revealing he used to be a male entertainer) Not many people know this but I used to work as a male entertainer on a party boat. I'd grab a girl from the crowd, sit her down on a chair and take it off… slowly.

    • Zoran: (asked what he thinks is his best body part) I would have to say my eyes and smile. I've been told my eyes are very dark and mysterious and my smile definitely lights up a room.

    • Zoran: (on the worst piece of advice he's ever been given) When people say 'just be yourself'. Mate, of course I'm going to be myself, who else would I bloody be?

    • Zoran: asked which animal best represents him) Probably a bear! I can look cute and act all cuddly, but if I need to I will bite and leave my mark.

    • Zoran: (on housemates who aren't acting as themselves in the house) There's always a few in each series. That's going to annoy me - damn posers.