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    • Zuleikha:(About Viggo Mortensen) I'd just seen Lord of the Rings and I was sitting next to my friend and I was like 'who's that guy? He's so cute!' and I had a little crush on him so when I heard that he was going to be working on this film I was like 'oh my!' and he was going to read with us in the screen test. It was all girls, so that was probably the most nerve wracking thing about it.

    • Zuleikha:(On what she would say to a young girl who wants to get into acting) You've gotta really love this. It's really difficult and you have to be really strong. I gave up a million times because I couldn't handle it. The pressure and the rejection, you have to be strong because you can't take it personally. It's a painful business before you start working and even when you work. I decided to give it up but an actor on Timecode, (Steven Webber) was like 'I don't know why you would give it up. I enjoy watching you' and he was the one who made me think to try a little more and it paid off.

    • Zuleikha:(On staying in touch with her "The Lone Gunmen" co-stars) It had been a really long time but I was on the way back from shooting my last film and was in England for a week and I happened to e-mail Dean Haglund's wife and she said that Dean was over in the UK for a sci-fi convention. I gave him a ring and he was doing this X-Files stand up show and he told me to come down and see it. I get there and all these people are looking at me funny and they come up to me and say "were you in the show?" and that they were there to see Dean and now it's even better and I had to take all these pictures with them. It was a surreal experience.

    • Zuleikha:(On her ideal date) I'd love someone to be adventurous and take me river rafting or something. I went in Africa so it was the most beautiful place to do it. 24 rapids up to level 5 – I had the best time of my life.

    • Zuleikha:(On a childhood accident with a horse) I was about nine or ten. The horse was galloping and it just clipped my head. It was more of a shock than anything. I got back on when I was fourteen. I did a day of just walking around. But I didn't get back on regularly till this film. But I love horses. I was obsessed. I would draw them all the time and there were horse pictures all over the house.

    • Zuleikha:(On auditioning for "Hidalgo") It was an audition and the first time I went they said they really like what I did and that they would probably bring me back after they found some other people. It was about two months and I got the call to meet with Joe Johnson the director and I really loved him at once. Really sweet man. About three weeks later that they called me back to do a screen test with Viggo Mortensen and they told me two week after that.

    • Zuleikha: I was born in England and then I moved to San Francisco, then we moved to Malaysia, and Thailand, and Singapore. By this time I was thirteen and I left to go to boarding school in England.

    • Zuleikha:(On her English accent) I do have it when I'm with family or if you were British I'd be speaking that way. I guess moving around so much, you adapt to every place. My accent is a bit weird now because it's a bit more trans- Atlantic than anything else. You adapt and I think that's why as soon as I moved to America I just kind of changed.

    • Zuleikha:(On her first day shooting "Hidalgo") I thought, I want to go home. But once I started working, I calmed down.

    • Zuleikha:(On learning there would be two seasons of "Rome") No we found out while we were shooting that they were going to wrap it up. There were rumors flying around but officially we hadn't heard anything. It was quite depressing because it was a lot of fun and that was a great character.

    • Zuleikha:(On what networks she likes to work with) HBO first and foremost, because they take so many risks and as an actor it's really great place to work creatively. I would work for the BBC, but I've never done work for them directly in the UK.

    • Zuleikha:(About "New Amsterdam") It's a very unique show and it's a challenging show for network television to take on because it is so unique and I love that about it. Like I said earlier, I gravitate towards things that are offbeat. I really want to make her real, because I have played so many interesting and crazy characters in the past. I want to be able to show her flaws and her vulnerabilities and all of the rest of her traits.

    • Zuleikha:(On how she picks her roles) I definitely like to play characters that don't fit any kind of mold; that are slightly offbeat, because it's more fun to play. I read a script and I fall in love with a character. I can read hundreds of scripts and nothing comes to me; all of a sudden I read one and I start firing up and I know I have to play the role. It happened with this show it happened with my character on ROME, it's happened with pretty much everything that I've done.

    • Zuleikha:(On researching for her role in "New Amsterdam") I went to New York and hung out with some female detectives to get the vibe. For me the layers happen slowly and it's a matter of meeting people who I am supposed to be like.

    • Zuleikha: In this (acting) business you can't trust anything.