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    I think it would be a great idea for us to post ideas and stuff here. Not many people know about this place anyway.

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    tWo Emergence Part 1:

    *WOTU goes on the air with a black stretch limo pulling up. The driver exists the and opens the backdoor for the mystery men. Instead of the man getting out of the car, the camera switches views to the back license plate which reads, "Savior1." Two individuals get out of the limo and make their way into the arena. The camera is focused on their feet so their identity is hidden.*

    Michael Cole: Welcome to Monday Night Raw and we are fresh of the heels of last weeks explosive Raw and Smackdown here in the WOTU univers...

    *Backstage a second limo arrives with the license plate "Savior2." Two more individuals exit the limo and head into the arena.

    King: What in the world is going on here? That's two limo's both with Savior License plates.

    Cole: King, I'm getting words that we have to go backstage, apparently, a third limo just arrived.

    *Backstage a third limo arrives with the license plate "LEGEND1." This time, only one individual gets out of the limo and heads into the arena.*

    King: This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Three limos, back to back to back.

    Cole: We are definitely witnessing history in the making. Tonight is a night that no one will want to miss.

    Titantron flashes on:

    *Orac is shown on screen*

    Cole: I thought he was dead.

    King: He self destructed last week.


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    Following that promo, we can get a promo from Icon and French doing a backstage promo talking about how they are in the building, and something bigs going to go down and the company is about to change.

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    Speeps Arrival:

    *Lights in the arena go off.*

    *A remixed version "MY TIME" hits*

    *WOTU crowd erupts*

    Michael Cole: Listen to this crowd.

    King: That song only means one man.

    *Randyspeeps steps on stage in a brand new black tux and bow tie with black glasses. Many members of the WOTU universe are bowing down.*

    Cole: Look at this crowd, this is history in the making.

    *Randyspeeps makes his way to the ring on the back of his tux it says "Savior" in gold.

    Cole: RANDYSPEEPS is the savior?

    King: It all makes sense now.

    Randyspeeps: It is I, Randyspeeps.

    *WOTU audience erupts.*

    Randyspeeps: The last time you saw yours truly, I was standing in the middle of the ring at Wrestlemania with Enervator, DeadnightMajin and Skinsfan closing the last PPV in TWF history.

    Cole: Thank God that place died.

    King: Moron. That place has been in existence for almost a decade. It belongs in the Roundtable hall of fame.

    Randyspeeps: Once the doors of the TWF closed I had two options: retire or return to the place in which history could have been made a year ago. For those of you who know Randyspeeps, he never misses and opportunity to make history, more importantly an opportunity to make money.

    *Fans cheer*

    Randyspeeps: And I also got, well, I got married.

    Cole: What the hell?

    King: Hell has frozen over. Randyspeeps ma...married?

    Randyspeeps: And the lucky lady is backstage as we speak. I needed someone who could match my intelligence, sex appeal, and most importantly my bank account figures. I also needed someone to become the president of my company, Ortonism inc.

    *WOTU fans, we want Ortonism clap clap clap.*

    Randyspeeps: Not going to happen.

    *WOTU fans boo.*

    Randyspeeps: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you my wife, Stephanie McMahon-Levesque-Ohrton

    *Stephanie's music hit*

    King: This is sick.

    Cole: This is beyond sick.

    King: For those of you who don't know. Vince McMahon is Randyspeeps dad.

    Cole: Yep, but not by blood. He was adopted.

    King: Yes. But Stephanie McMahon is Vince's daughter, making Stephanie Randyspeeps sister.

    Cole: And wife. Incest at it's finest.

    King: She's still hot.

    *Stephanie enters the ring and plants a big one on Speeps*

    Stephanie: I don't need any introduction. I am a billion dollar princess, and queen of the greatest empire in Roundtable history. My husband has turned his Ortonism brand into a world wide global phenomenon. A phenomenon that will never make it's presence in the WOTU.

    *Crowd boos*

    Randyspeeps: So Killerband and some guy names Joe wants to call me out to a tag team match?

    *Crowd erupts.*

    Randyspeeps: Killerband, before you start calling people out. You probably should know who you are dealing with. Perhaps you should wait until the end of the night before really going through with your proposal. The night is just getting started. I'm Randyspeeps, and things are going to get very interesting. Really quick.

    *Crowd pops*

    Randyspeeps: So now the question is why? Why is Randyspeeps here? What was Orac2 talking about? Who is he here to target? All those questions will be answered before the night is up. But just remember, Randyspeeps never travels alone.

    *My Time hits as Speeps leave*

    Cole: Did you here that? All our questions will be answered tonight!

    King: I have a weird feeling about all of this.

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    We then have Legend's promo about arriving in the WOTU and what his purpose is. During the promo, he reveals that he isn't alone. T

    hen we get a promo from French and Icon walking backstage passing all the WOTU members. They then gives WOTU managment the finger literally. And say something like, "The company turned it's back on us, and that was it's biggest mistake."

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    REVEAL of the tWo:

    *Lights in the arena go out.

    Is show on the titantron*

    *NWO theme song hits. Icon and French walk through the crowd wearing "tWo shirts." On the back of the shirt, it says "FUCK WOTU.*

    Cole: I can't believe this. They have betrayed the WOTU.

    King: They think the WOTU betrayed them.

    *Icon and French make their way into the ring, and motions to the entrance way. Randyspeeps is walking down the ramp with Stephanie McMahon. Both wearing a tWo shirt.*

    Cole: Hell has frozen over. Randyspeeps is in the tWo?

    King: What else is going to happen tonight?

    *Randyspeeps motions to the rafters. TWF_Legend is then lowered into the ring.*

    Cole: My GOD! There's the culprit. There's the man who's been warning us about this moment.

    King: I can't believe this.

    *French and Icon go over to the announcers table. They take the headset off of King and Cole. Then they throw King and Cole in the ring. King eats a RKO from Speeps. Cole receives a thunderous double power bomb from French and Icon. Crowd is booing, the smart fans are cheering. Kids are crying.*

    TWF_Legend: Hello WOTU. Like what you see?

    *French and Icon flip the bird to fans who are now throwing trash in the ring.*

    TWF_Legend: King and Lawler weren't good enough to announce the brilliance of what is about to happen. Let's get a real announcing team in here.

    *"NWO" theme plays as Paul Heymen and JBL make their way down the ramp in tWo shirts. They take their place at the announcers table.*

    Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen, you are now witnessing a full fledged take over of the WOTU.

    JBL: Do not adjust you TV sets. This is the real deal. Things are about to change.

    Heyman: We are about to witness a cleansing of the WOTU like never before.

    *Backstage Spideynerd and Corrective Chaos are viewing on their Tv sets. Each member is quiet. WOTU superstars are sitting in a room together watching the events that are taking place. In the background Shoecrap is crying. Crulex is in a dark room paying attention to the events in the ring.*

    TWF_Legend: In this ring is the greatest collection of talent the WOTU has ever seen. Speeps and I go waaaay back. We are both hall of famers, but most importantly, we've accomplished everything there is to in this business.

    Heyman: Applaud these gentlemen.

    JBL: Somebody better get General Manager Spideynerd a cup, before he piss himself.

    Randyspeeps: WOTU, you were warned.

    *Kids are booing, while the hardcore audience cheers the tWo*

    Randyspeeps: Last time I came to this god forsaken place, you people shit all over me and my stable. You treated me like I was some second rate superstar. You had it all wrong. There's nothing second rate about me. I'm first class in everything I do.

    *tWo members applaud*

    Randyspeeps: Yet as soon as you realize I am a free agent, WOTU officials beg me to join. Pay me whatever I want, and treat me like I'm king. I'm not here to pander to the WOTU crowd or the management behind the scenes. Truth be told most of you are morons.

    *crowd boo's.*

    Randyspeeps: Okay, all of you are morons. I don't like anyone in the back. I can't stand the smell of the locker rooms and I sure as hell can't stand anyone claiming to be a "star" in this company. So why am I here? It's simple. I'm here to correct a wrong. TWF went out of business because some pretty smart people got brainwashed and started drinking the cool-aid.

    Heyman: This is real talk laddies and gentlemen. This isn't the cookie cutter garbage that you'll here on an average WOTU episode of Raw. This is tWo's Raw now. You have no choice but to like it.

    Randyspeeps: They said the TWF was dying. BULLSHIT! The TWF wasn't dying. The TWF was killed. Murdered. Truth be told. No one in the TWF could compete with the big boys of Ortonism. So they all ran over here. CPMAN was a jobber in the TWF. REAL TALK. He's your WOTU champion. What does that tell you?

    JBL: That sums it up.

    Randyspeeps: CPMAN said he killed the TWF. CPMAN didn't kill anything, because CPMAN was busy cleaning up after the big boys got finished eating. He was lucky if he was given a crumb of success.

    Heyman: Hehehe. What a champ.

    TWF_Legend: Then there's Spideynerd. A man that went over to the TWF and bashed the WOTU, then came over to the WOTU and bashed the TWF. What a tool.

    Heyman: We have proof. Go to tWo.com. Go there right after Raw. We have the full breakdown of Spidey's betrayls.

    TWF_Legend: We see it all. We know it all. You may not know me, but I know each and everyone of you.

    *French Dynasty grabs the mic and you sold out chants begin. A fat woman in the front row throws her bra at French. French takes the bra and say:*

    French: Ewww. Fat American boobies are a no no.

    *Woman hides her face in shame.*

    French: I didn't sell out. I did the opposite, I put asses in the seats. The WOTU turned it's back on Icon and I.

    Icon: The WOTU is filled with corrupted morons that have a sense of entitlement. How quickly they forgot that French and I are two of the best superstars in this place.

    French: They didn't forget it, they just ignored it. Then they framed us for drugs and get upset when we have live sex celebrations.

    Icon: Well if they thought we were out of control before, they ain't see nothing yet.

    French: Speeps and Legend over here embraced us. They gave us an opportunity we couldn't pass up.

    Icon: They gave us a sense of belonging. And now, we're going to save this place.

    JBL: You hear that you long toothed morons in the back? We are going to clean up this infested place.

    Heyman: We're not here to destroy your precious WOTU. We're here to save it. Cleanse it. Rebuild it. You'll surely thank us in the end.

    French: We're going to mold and shape the WOTU in our image.

    TWF_Legend: and we're just getting started.

    Speeps,Legend,French,Icon: We're just toooo SWEEEEEET!

    Heyman: Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you for watching this tWo takeover. We know you haven't seen anything like this in WOTU history, but things are changing. They're changing quickly. And to all the boys in the back, the sooner you fall in line, the less people will get hurt. Good night everyone. Go back to your pathetic lives, and maybe if you're lucky, the tWo will show up on Smackdown.

    *Heyman and JBL get in the ring. Stephanie, Speeps, French, Icon, Heyman, JBL, and Legend raises their hand in triumph as Raw goes off the air.*

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    Good stuff.

    I forgot all about this place. This is a good idea. We should definitely use this.
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