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    I was starting to get bored with the same old crap on Kitchen Nightmares until the Amy's Baking Company episode, anyone who did not see this should check it out. Even if you're not a fan of the show your likely to find this funny.

    This woman is completely nuts, will not take any form of criticisms, goes ape shit with customers, makes a pizza extra spicy for someone and hopes it hurts them, the husband thinks he is a gangster, screams abuse and even gets physical with the customers.

    Scripted you might think, not this one. This Amy's Baking Company saga has been going on since 2010 when Amy responded to a negative review on Yelp by calling the man a moron among other things and being very insulting and childish.

    Probably the most realistic episode of Kitchen Nightmares ever.

    Yelp company page. Some of the owners responses are great haha

    Crazy Amy's Baking Company spoof page (couple of 's to be had here)

    She pisses and moans about online haters and internet bullies yet has pretty much poured gallons of fuel on the flames.

    Possibly the most hated restaurants owners in the world right now

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