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    this show inspired me to live in the moment and not take anyone i love for granted because life, like the members' time at the shore, is short and you must live to your potential. I learned it's important to have fun as much as possible while also maintaining my responsibilities at my job. I also learned to stay out of as much drama as you can, like Pauly and Vinnie did a lot. Snooki taught me to stand up for myself when guys treat me like shit or a second priority and to not lose sight of who i am. I understand peoples' views when they say these people are a waste of human space but if we just looked past the occasional bullshit we see normal young adults trying to live their lives while a camera crew constantly follows them around. i think we can all imagine how stressful that would be! besides none of us know what really goes on when the cameras shut off anyway; who is to say they don't actually sit around sober and enjoying each others' company and engaging in meaningful conversations?

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