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Agree to strike?

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    I've been with this site since 2003, the old and great tvtome days, where simplicity and efficiency was more important, when users were greeted by a clutter free zone of television information. This upgrade has confounded me, my web browser, and gotten on my last nerve. The information I submit always comes out wrong (if it comes out at all, submitted three times before it finally took), I have to use a specific browser to even get submissions to work (12 hours and counting before I find out if they work), the blue color is obnoxious, too much clutter on the screen, episodes are out of order when previously they weren't, when you click on a specific episode that review box takes up way too much space and is right in the middle of the page (STUPID), etc etc etc.

    After the first update to, I stuck it out and patiently sat back as staff fixed the errors and made the site smoother. This latest one is the final straw for me. I can't update anything on the shows I'm the editor for and the new look has gotten me so annoyed, I can barely type these words while gagging at the sky blue color all around me on the page. I've had it. I can't do it anymore.

    Due to so many problems with the new "update", I'm asking all editors and users to stop submitting to the site. Keep the site so out of date that they'll be forced to listen to us and change it back.

    We the users have power ladies and gentlemen. Let the staff know by replying here and most importantly, don't submit to your guides. However, if someone has enough patience to submit to any show that you editors out there control, moderate it, I know I will, but that's it.

    Die hard users, just stop. The whole site depends on us submitting. Everyone go on strike till the site is changed back.

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    The site has been annoying lately. I got 40 rejections the other day due to a processing glitch. On the plus side you can always change the colour to black or grey in the bottom right corner.
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