Forums: Redesign Feedback: Couple Gripes With The Cast Submission Process

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    I appreciate constantly trying to improve, but I think this update was a step in the wrong direction.

    1) It takes too long to start adding cast members. It is three clicks, "Cast/Crew", "Edit Cast/Crew" then "Add Cast", and four pages that have to load before you can start adding cast. Once people are added then you can add more by hitting "Edit" but the initial process takes too long. Having a simple "Add Cast" button when there are no castmember submissions yet would be the way to go.

    2) The window to add cast is too small, has no pictures, details or credits. There are a lot of actors/people with the same name on here. You used to be able to figure out who was who either by a picture, looking at their biography or seeing their credits. Now you can't tell any of that. There are about 8 James Brown people on this website, for example. To figure out the right one you have to click every single one, wait for that page to load and tell by their credits.

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