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    [1]Feb 7, 2009
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    Navigation on the site is terrible. Spread out. Confusing. Inconsistent. Slow.

    Jumping to new pages is Always So Slow.

    Why not have a Modern navigation system, where ALL navigation is done from a single, consistent rectangle on the page, which is in the SAME PLACE ON EVERY PAGE.

    And why make people Re-load pages so often, for every interaction? Just rating a show causing the ENTIRE PAGE to re-load.

    What a dog's dinner of a website.

    Slow. Confusing. Inconsistent. Difficult to navigate.

    And the worst major wesbite winner is XXXXXX with runner-up:
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    [2]Feb 22, 2009
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    The site has been very slow, lately. I agree that the whole page shouldn't reload when doing something, such as a poll or rating.

    Also, consolidating pages would greatly improve this site. We shouldn't have a portal page for our profile--it should be one page going directly to our blogs and all functions, as we had previously. This would create less bandwidth issues for the site and maybe it would load more quickly.
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