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Forums: Redesign Feedback: Please bring back the ability to sort all episodes of a show by rating.

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    [1]Jan 27, 2012
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    hi TV.com staff,

    this is a great website and it helps with a lot of stuff

    however the best thing in the whole website was really the ability to go into a page of a specific tv show,

    and watch a list of all the show's episodes ever, sorted by their rating.

    this was a great feature which I used all the time, and other people I know use it often too.

    I just realized that the feature has been disabled ( or I'm gonna feel very dumb but is it still there and I just couldn't find it? )

    if that is possible, please bring it back, I'm sure a lot of people are using it and not just me as it's very helpful.

    thank you.

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