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    Hello Everyone. I'm trying to find an older TV show that ran in the 90's. I remember quite well because it seemed to have a very unique storyline. I will try to explain it the best I can. I have looked all over for this TV series and I cant find it at all. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

    The background of the show was on a Earth that had been devastated by war (so I think). People live in large city domes all over the world because it seems that now the earth is some kind of desert.

    Before the Earth went to crap people started to genetically alter there children before they where born to be there perfect child. The only problem is when theses children would have children with other people who had be "modified" by there parents some of them would would be very aggressive and almost cave man like and very dangerous. Soon there after these new "modified" children that were aggressive would plug the world into war and I think that is why the Earth became the way it was.

    People who where not affected by this genetic disorder fled to these dome cities where they where safe from the, lets say, mutants on the outside. To prevent more mutations people would only be able to breed with people they where compatible with. They figured out an easy way of doing this by having every person have a cylinder type jewel that was attached to the skin at the top of there chest which was filled with a liquid that changed a certain color depending on your DNA in your blood.

    So people who where blue would be able to date people who where blue. I think there where about 4-5 different colors people could be. If two people that had two different colors got together it could produce another mutant and was forbidden by law.

    The story followed a couple of characters which I cant remember that well only remember that one character that was special. He was a mutant (Also super strong and big with predominate features on his face) but he was born with no aggressive genes.. so he was normal except for his physical strength and he wasn't super smart. He also wore a jewel but it was black and he was the only person on who was this color. He was also disliked by most people around because he was diffrent and wasnt excepted by most except his peers.

    Besides that all I remember that inside the domes people used this Arch type openings to move from one part of the dome to another. It was like a open door where you inputed where you wanted to go and it because a sort of looking glass into that place and you could just walk thru it to get there. Kind of like Monsters Inc.

    If anyone remembers this too please let me know I would love to see if I could find this series and purchase it.


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    'Island City' with Eric McCormack - it was only a pilot though, there was no series made.

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    It is definitely Island City. I remember seeing it on TV many moons ago and it was terrible.
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