Forums: Science-Fiction: Does anyone know what TV show I'm talking about?

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    I only saw the final episode. I guess it got cancelled, however, so it could be just the last episode. This was before 1999.

    There's talk about a chip which can expand one human life to centuries. This is a plot device, because some person is dying and in coma, and this virtual world would give him time to find a cure or to help him back on track to come out of coma or some sort. For that the stars of the show have to go into virtual reality and talk with some guy. They meet a professor with his daughter who are trapped in this virtual world.

    In the real world the plug is pulled causing the group to stay in the virtual world, a girl is being followed and shot in the head by men in black. And that's it. A pretty harsh, cold ending.

    Any ideas? I found a show called VR.5, but that last episode doesn't seem similar in the slightest (only that she gets into a coma or something, but this was a group).

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