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    I just watched an old anime movie called "They Were 11" (which was pretty good) and realized I had seen what I now know is a rip-off of the story elsewhere. But now I can't remember where.

    The basic plot deals with a group of cadets who, as a final test are locked in a room/spaceship for a certain number of hours/days. They do not know each other, yet must work as a team. If any emergencies come up there is a big red button that will summon help, but will also end the test.

    What I remember about the other version of the story I had seen is that they were supposed to build a replica of the ship while they were locked-in, in addition to other tasks. Towards the end, oxygen was in short supply and I think that ice played a part in their solution.

    I'm thinking it could have been a Star Trek: TNG episode, or maybe an episode of the New Outer Limits or it could be anything really. I'm drawing a complete blank.

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