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Forums: Science-Fiction: please help remembering a show + specific episode

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    [1]Nov 29, 2012
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    hi everybody!

    unfortunately i already posted this in the wrong place once and i'm not sure if i'm in the right place now but i'm trying to remember the name of a show i watched in the 80s. i live in germany and watched it on tv here so i'm not sure whether it's an american or a british show. it's been such a long time, i can only give you bits and peaces i remember about it. so, here goes nothing:

    it was some kind of mystery show, maybe even horror but i'm not sure. don't remember that much about the show in general, only that one episode contained a few short stories, kind of like the twilight zone but that wasn't it. there was something with lightning in the intro (i know this isn't much) but i'm looking for a specific episode and even though its been at least 25 years since i watched it i can remember a lot about it:

    there was a family (i'm not sure whether they had two kids or just one but i think there was at least one boy in the car) and they were driving home on a rainy day. they pick up a hitch hiker in a yellow raincoat whose face isn't visible at first but then - to everybody's surprise - looks exactly like the father. the doppelganger attacks the father and somehow they end up at home where the doppelganger chases the mother (and the kid). it's learned that he looks like the father but has disgusting teeth which is the only feature that distinguishes him from the real father. the mother then makes it to the barn and finds the body of her kid in the hay but there's a doppelganger for him too so the mother has to try and escape alone. in the end she makes it to the road i think - i'm not 100% sure about this part. but there is an ambulance and she thinks she's saved only to see that the driver is her own doppelganger who shows her disgusting teeth and i think that was the end of the episode.

    i know it's a long shot and pretty unlikely that someone recognizes the show, let alone the episode i'm talking about but i thought i'd give it a try... many thanks in advance!!



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    I posted in your other post as well, but it sounds like "The Two Faces of Evil" from the British television show "Hammer House of Horror"
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