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    So I was watching portlandia on Netflix not too long ago and they do a sketch about the new BSG and how great it is. I remember them making the show a few years back but I had really only seen bits and pieces of the original while growing up. So I decided I would watch BSG on Netflix if they had it. Turns out they had both the original and the new. I couldn't possibly watch the new one without any grasp of what the old one was really about. As I watched the original I took notes of the many unexplained, unnecessary, and just plain idiotic scenarios presented in the show. Things that bothered me like the rotating platform on the bridge, the entire episode 'fire in space' (none of which made sense because fires do not burn in space and I would think the battlestar would have a sprinkler system instead of firemen with hoses), Baltar is still alive after being buried and left for dead (and somehow everyone knows he made it out alive and is still after them), and triad (the game where everyone dresses like queers, hold hands and dance around in a circle.) But overall the show was likeable, do mostly to good characters. So when I was finished with the old one it was time to start watching the new one. I was hoping they would improve on the old one by eliminating its faults and going from there but to my dismay they only changed the things that worked in the old version. Before I tear this thing apart I would like to say that the only thing done right in the new version is Adama, Lorne Green's Adama was a coward who would bend to the will of the council, even if it meant risking the lives of his people. Also, I might mention that I was only able to make it about a half an hour into the new version as it is completely unwatchable. Although I almost turned it off after five minutes when I realized I was watching a shaky camera pointed at an ugly lesbian wearing a backwards wife beater and calling herself Starbuck. She then struck her superior officer which turned out to be col. Tigh. I'm sure the writers of the show thought this was a clever idea but I'd like to know how this broad made viper pilot in the colonial guard with absolutely no respect for superiors. They also attempted to push sex into every scene in the show. In the new version the Cylon robots were created by man, not only making it impossible for us to have escaped when they decided to eliminate humans but also means that they would most likely be called androids not Cylons. If man had created Cylons the show would be more like the future in Terminator. This new BSG was nothing more than an attempt to use the name of the old one to generate buzz for yet another of syfy channels softcore space romps. This should be obvious when you consider that most of the original characters were replaced with ugly women.

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    Wow!!! My friend you may have opened a can of hate so dark you can't fathom it. New BSG fans are rabid and unforgiving. The moderator of the BSG forum forbid me from voicing my opinions because I wasn't an outright fan boy of the series. I still have the message if you ever want to read it. Anyway good luck and if you hated BSG don't try Caprica or Blood & Chrome. Now go put on your kevlar vest and get ready.

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    I turned it off when the female Cylon broke the baby neck at the start of the 1st esp. When I posted this on the BSG page someone posted that the Cylon felt sorry for the baby and did it for the baby own good. None of the ads for the show ever really made me want to watch it either so I have never seen any others and have no plans to do so.Yes, BSG dans will not take kindly to your words.

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