Forums: Science-Fiction: What movie is this? late 80s to early 90s alien movie??

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    Ok, well I have been trying for the life of me to find out what this movie is called. I remember seeing it back when I was young. It was made for TV for all I know late 80s to early 90s. Basically, story goes, a bug or roach like alien escapes from a space prison ship and goes to earth. There is a blonde woman cop like character that goes after it also falls for guy on her visit to earth. Within the story the creature or alien can embody people. The eyes turn solid black and then turn into an alien as well. I remember one vivid scene where I think it was a teacher in a school turns into one. Also when an alien is around it the sound effects has some kind of howling like a siren that comes from the alien. This is all I can think of it for right now.
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    "Something is out there"
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    I love Something Is Out There, with the gorgeous Maryam d'Abo. the nature of the beast is nearly identical to the one in The Hidden, a theatrical movie starring Kyle MacLachlan made the year before - which I might even like more. The basic hunt for the alien is similar, yet there are enough differences to make both films well worth watching. BTW, avoid The Hidden 2 like the plague. I can watch just about anything but it is so atrocious I bailed after 25 minutes. It's worse if you've seen The Hidden first... and whatever you do DON'T see the sequel first, it contains massive important footage from the original.
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