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    Many thought that he was there simply for a vacation when last saturday actor Christopher Scott in Florence, but now news are coming out that the long announced TV-series Kavùr is being filmed in Tuscany.

    An US-Dutch-Italian co-production, Kavùr was first announced in August 2007, but producers seemed to find the first episode too criptic and confusing and the ambitious project (four seasons of 8 episodes each in the mind of his creators, Christopher Scott himself and Alan Cividali) was stopped temporarily.

    Anyway it seems that Kavùr has found new life (and money?): last friday the entire crew was in Siena where they filmed some scenes, among which a particular dream-like sequence in which a group of characters meet with a parade march, that hints to a possible time-travel.

    When some fans catched him in Florence, Scott denied to answer any questions about the show, but confirmed that it will be coming in the next spring and it will be bigger and better than fans could have ever imagined.

    We can't just wait and hope that Kavùr will come to our TVs soon.

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