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    My studio is working on a new adult humour animated comedy show. Imagine South Park meets Cheers, mixed with eccentric British comedy.

    We are working on the show now and we have put together a Facebook page for two reasons. Firstly to showcase the development of the production but secondly, and more important, we want people to get involved in the creation of the show. We want to make this an interactive project.

    So what is the show about? The animation will be called The Bar Stewards and it centers around a family of misfits who have taken over a bar at the seaside. What should be a nice little pub, in a pleasant little British seaside town turns out to be hell on Earth and the hub of all the strangest things you can imagine to happen. The three main characters are Jacob Cox (a young man who ambitions severely out weigh his abilities), his total opposite identical twin Miller and their unlucky friend (and dogs body) Curly.

    You can find out plenty more and see lots of production samples of our work in progress at

    Thank you for your time

    Best regards

    Scott Evans

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