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    I am 15 years old and I've written 100 scripts in total. Some ideas get up to episode 8 before they become crap and others don't even get past the pilot. The current 2 shows I'm writing I have high hopes for. And when i say High hopes I mean I hope they get me into the world of show business and land me an agent.

    I have not yet copyrighted the ideas so I can't post them. But I will tell you one of my failed ideas that didn't work.

    Name: Life On The Bright Side

    Genre: Sitcom

    Synopsis: 3 brothers find out that their mother has died and left them the families secret fortune of 1 billion dollars. One brother who has had 8 failed marriages fears his ex-wives will claim it off him so the brothers try to keep their new found fortune a secret. It's hard when you can't explain the new plush furniture when one ex-wife makes a suprise visit. The brothers who are best friends also are friends with 2 other girls who know about the fortune. Things get complicated when one brother wants to marry for the 9th time but no one who knows about the money will support him in the decision.

    This show I wrote never got anywhere past the pilot because it sucked. RIP old friend.

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    It didn't work because your plot is too shallow. Keep writing though.
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    I quit writing it about 5 months ago lol. I won't be returning to the idea.
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    Mine would be a comedy about a past it Rock band.
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    I would write about a bunch of people, who are not connected start finding out they have super powers and that they are not as disconnected from each other as it seems....

    Oh wait..

    Scrap that idea, I would write about a plane that crashes on an island, I would draw out the show and reveal as little as possible and introduce more mystery into the show.....

    oh wait...


    6 Friends who live in an appartment building 3 guys 3 girls...??

    A show about nothing staring Jerry.. dammit!

    What about a cop show where they find the badie? surely that hasn't been done before!

    The main character makes a list of all the bad things he's done and tries to right them all??
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    For reasons posted earlier, I won't go into depth, but here are some general thoughts:

    - A family based show with moral themes that teach real life lessons. Kind of a drama/comedy mix that isn't too hokey, so it would have to be done well. I think there is a market for this with the drop off in traditional family shows like Home Improvement and Cosby. I'd like to see one network try a "family night" with WELL DONE shows from 7-10 and see how the ratings went. Using past shows as an example, imagine a night of Home Improvement, Cosby, The Hogan Family, and Growing Pains iin half hour segments, with 9 pm being an hour long "Our House" (show from late 80's).

    - Character based spinoffs of Law & Order. "Logan". "McCoy". Etc.

    I have other ideas but as an aspiring writer, I'm keeping them to myself.

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    Well, here's a TV show idea I've been working with and pitched a month ago.

    Title: Multiple Blake

    Story: Richard Blake is a police detective who is old-school, a bit reserved and very good at what he does. He also suffers from multiple personality disorder. What is unique about him is, he knows he has it and unlike other MPD condition where they take over, Det. Blake is always in control and can actually talk to them.

    There's Anna... the 10 years old African girl with a doll, representing his inner child. She has been with him since he was 10.

    There's Arthur... the 22 year old punk rocker with a guitar and an attitude. He came along during his puberty representing the rebel in him.

    And THEN, there's Simon... a 30 year old psychopath with knife who came out when Blake witnessed his first murder suspect walk free.

    These three are always with him, always talking to him and most times helping him.

    Of-course there's this other glitch he has. Most times when he can't figure something out, random personalities would pop up to help him and guide him. Problem is, he can never distinguish them from the real people around him and even worse, has no control over them.

    That's it in a nutshell. There is an overall story arc plot.

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    Potential soap opera;

    Space station. Finite regular personnel. Members of every race, nationality and physical condition are on board. This includes obesity in particular but also paraplegic, deaf, blind and dwarfism. Gays and lesbians may also be represented. This is not intended as a movie, mini-series and especially not a kid's show. Comic relief is encouraged but this is not intended to be a comedy.

    English is the common language. Some heavy accents may be heard but everyone on board is educated. Even the cleaning crew are college educated. For example, no one will ever use a double negative. There are no tattoos, piercing or any other form of self mutilation. No one on board smokes or any other use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol. (It's possible one or more small groups have a still. However, a regular supply of sugar would be noticed so alcohol is very hard to make.) Make-up should appear as no make-up is used by anyone on board. This is because of the reality of hindering the spread of dust and the avoidance of unnecesasary clutter on board. The lack of make-up is for necessity, not personal taste. As in Star Trek, uniforms of color show department and rank. (This should reduce cost of wardrobe.)

    Each section of research, maintenance, food, etc. are interrelated. From any department of research and development, lab technician, dietitian, cleaning crew, station maintenance crew, shuttle pilots, everyone knows everyone else and respect of status is shared with everyone. The toilet scrubber is shown the same respect as anyone else. On a personal level, respect may vary. Romance, jealousy, envy, distrust, secret admirer, etcetera are everywhere. There are no children on board but most every subject found in other soap opers can be found on board the space station. Each person on board is scheduled for communications with people on Earth. Family members, scientists, government officials, progress reports and any other ties or interests to the surface below. At regular intervals, supplies and requested special equipment are brought to the station.

    As with hospital dramas, all departments of research and development will require advisers for accuracy and what categories of science might be plausibly found on a space station. Even what chemicals the cleaning crew would use should be checked for accuracy. Political topics should be kept at a minimal. Politics are unavoidable sometimes but the show doesn't need to labor on the subject too much. To keep the program ready to be syndicated around the world, it should not alienate any nation or religion. The subject could repeatedly come up but not focus so much attention as to appear preaching American or other point of view.

    Personalities can vary widely. As currently on a television show, "Fringe," a scientist need not to be too well adjusted in the head. Each person has their own history. How they were accepted or recruited to be on board. Why did they apply for thier position or what are they trying to escape on Earth? Everyone's background has been thoroughly examined. There are no secrets of anyone's past or any family member or past friends. At least not to those that have a need to know. Some people on board may have skeletons in their closet that they are not aware of. It is probable that some secrets of family members or friends are not revieled to the respective person because it may cause tention, greef, distrust or other reaction to knowing that isn't necessary. For instance, if a old college roommate is gay His friend doesn't need to know. It could hinder their relationship as friends. Personel on board need friends groundside they can talk to. If the friend groundside is having an affair with another family member or another friend's spouce, such complications of one's friendship need not be revealled if it is not going to interfere with their work or pose a security risk. Relation to a notorius serial killer, insanity in family. Several family secrets found in a background check can be discovered but determined the subject need not be told. Even friendships on board the station. Like a sex change that even on board security doesn't know. Surface dwellers know, as it is in their files but the knowledge topside is not necessary.

    It is possible the space station is being fitted to become a space port for crafts heading to outer planets. Materials are shuttle up but the construction crew live aboard the station. Only through communication with Earth, with very rare exceptions, are there guest stars on the show.

    Edited on 12/10/2008 4:48pm
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    I have one show in mind.

    Title: My life with an alien princess

    genre: animated

    Synopsis: Trevor was never any good at talking to girls. His twin brother Alex was more of a "ladies man" than him and he always strikes out. Trevor was about to give up on finding miss right until he saw something falling from the sky. he ran to where it landed and saw what appeared to be a pod. He touched it and a hatch opened and revealed a girl in a strange suit and seems to be in danger with a black goo attacking her. he grabbed a tree branch and tryed to get the goo off her. Then the goo grabbed the branch and was now attacking trevor. Trevor then beat the goo while it was holding on to the branch. Realizing it won't let go, He tossed the branch away from the pod. Then the goo got off the branch and was about to attack him again when it started to shriek. The sun rays was burning it alive then it melted out of existence. He then when to the pod to see if the girl was okay. The girl was waking up then stepped out of the pod. She saw trevor, smiled, ran then huggedhim and said "Oh thank you thank you thank you!". "Uh, your welcome?" said trevor. " If it wasn't for you, that thing would have eaten me" said the girl. Then trevor said " again, your welcome but who are you?". The girl explained "I am a princess from a world beyond your galaxy. I was on my way to my home planet when a horrible space creature attacked my ship. It killed all of my guards and almost got me when my bodyguard jumped it. I then ran to my escape pod when a chopped off piece of the monster attacked me when the hatch closed. I thought I was doomed but then you come along and rescued me! I am forever in your debt." Then trevor said " uh thanks?" Then she said " From now on, your are my master and I shall live on this planet with you". "WHAT!?" said trevor.

    I even thought up a theme song!

    I was your typical average joe

    Just a regular guy who's all alone

    But then one day, I couldn't believe my eyes

    I saw something fall from the sky

    When I went to the crash site, it was very odd

    It seemed to be a giant pod

    When I opened it up, nothing was the same

    It appeared to be a very strange babe

    She told she was from outer space

    but I couldn't stop looking at her face

    Now she lives with me on earth

    It's so weird but totally worth

    This is the story of my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife with an alien princess

    (guiter solo)

    Story of my life, life, life, life, liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife with an alien princess.

    So, what do you think?

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    I'd like to produce a show about a high school. The show would have its main characters, but would focus on the school as a whole and the school system. Academics, athletics, school board, relationships between students, faculty, and both.
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    Title: The Knife Accountant's Club

    Premise: It's in the far future -or- the far past -or- somewhere / when else, entirely. We are never sure. There is a loose organization of assassins / agents "knife accountants" who appear to be contracted to do nasty deeds. But every time they get close to succeeding, something goes wrong, and they fail. But the failure inevitably causes a successful outcome - whether in triggering a change of heart in their target, or setting other events into motion. Do we ever learn who is manipulating them behind the scenes? Where are they really? Is it a planet, a space colony, a different dimension?

    Scenario: We are in a universe of discrete habitats, that our agents act within. Some appear to be recreations of historical environments and events. There are unworldy architectural features that jar the sensibilities. As if the people (humani) were not the designed users of the "world". There are strange walled villages: Rings within rings. Uncommunicative robot constructors - the robots of despair - who endlessly build and rebuild habitat. There are nests of humans, and not-humans, and something so unspeakable, that humani and humanimals do not dare utter their fears.

    Moral Code: The law of fang and claw is operative in the humanimal habitats. Eat or be eaten. Kill or be killed. But these are just the surface. Underneath, a complex web of genetic and behavioral rules are in conflict with the humani law: harmless productivity and reproductivity. Humani breed so fast that they overrun other habitats, and incessant battles erupt between the humani and humanimals. Eventually, the robots of despair wall off the infection of humani, but not always in time.

    Mystery: The lengths of each day appear to randomly change. The night sky has astronomical features, but they change - sometimes showing phenomena that baffles everyone. There are no linear records of civilization. High technology / high magic appear to be in use, but not widely understood. The current generation appear to be motivated but ignorant, and some are seeking answers. Are the people and creatures descendents of a space faring civilization that collapsed? Are they dwelling within a gigantic vessel in space? Why is "dirt farming" so special and revered? What is the meaning of the souless machines who build and rebuild, without any apparent direction.

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    Sony931 wrote:
    GusF wrote:
    What about mine?

    I think it's okay...

    i think it's perfect...

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    Name: Idk.. I just thought of the plot XD I guess it could be like Galactic Football.

    Genre: Animated

    Plot: A team of heroes lead by a 20-year-old man (from Galactic Football) set out to save the world from evil robots called 'DarkBots'. Little do they know there is a traitor among the heroes. The traitor, for the 1st arc, pushes all of the heroes into the Null Void, except the leader and one of the heroes. The Hero Leader fights the traitor, the two fire eachother and are injured while the last hero travels into the Null Void to save the heroes from D-Void. D-Void takes over the DarkBots, the heroes escape and fight D-Void again in the last episode.
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    Title: Post Apocalyptic

    Summary: The end of the world has come, and a certain group of individuals is about to lead mankind on its greatest journey yet, the rebuilding process. They try and get the population back, but a world without order can bring recklessness and many surprises.

    Number of Seasons- 6

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    There are some really good ideas on this board. if you have half an hour read them.
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    If we dont have enough reality shows as it is then here are some ideas that might get a 1am timeslot

    Cell Block 5:

    Set as the same pattern as american idol/survivor/big brother 16 people are sent to prison for 2 months playing games and earning respect and immunity until 1 person remains.

    NBA/NFL/NHL Superstar:

    16 young 15-21 year old boys battle it out over 2 months and the winner gets a 1 year contract with a team

    Destruction and Contruction:

    each week 2 nobody family must destroy a house and then rebiuld the house then when the houses are done they swap and family a lives in house b or a week and vice versa, then the house gets auctioned off and whatever house gets the most in the auction that family gets the cash and the other family gets nothing.

    i have some tv show drama and comedy ideas but as they are gems i cant tell anyone asyet but there is a show i wrote scripts for pilot plus 3 episodes but lost interest it is called "1 must fall" action packed bunch of high school kids who can fight organise fight clubs around town. So if anyone is desperate to have that idea as a show go ahead its yours.

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    Untitled One Hour Drama-Limited Series for 13 episodes Kelly Barnett was a person loved by some and forgotten by others. Her parents and best friends Sarah and Malcolm were the ones who loved her the most. Only a few of her relatives cared for her and the friends who weren't blood related to her loved her. The day after her 22nd birthday Kelly is accidentally killed by her older brother in an argument due to longstanding family problems. Kelly's brother Jason was favored by relatives and friends. Kelly's ghost watches as the friends and relatives who loved her the most grieve and cherish her life while the ones who forgot and left her out in the past fill themselves with regrets and questions about the man they adored could be responsible for his sister's death. In each episode flashbacks to the past show how Kelly was mistreated by relatives and others while she sacrificed and helped those who loved her. The reasons to why her brother accidentally killed her are revealed in episodes. The last episode focuses on her funeral and the aftermath her brother must face for causing her death.
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    Title: SD Streets (San Diego Streets)

    Genre: Drama

    A troubled teenager who has been kicked out of his parents house is now relying on his one hope, his 92 Honda Civic Hatchback. A story about a teen that has been attached to street racing, he has to deal with finding a way to live and survive everyday while avoiding getting arrested as his "profession" is illegal to the San Diego streets.

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