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    Finally. An article in the Hearald Sun today has reported that the series is going into production next month.

    If you don't know, Underbelly, is going to be a Channel 9 production: a 13-part mini-series about the Melbourne gangland war that claimed 27 lives, mostly over drugs, assassination attempts etc..

    "Crime figure Carl Williams told the Supreme Court in April that a brutal attack in 1999, when he was shot in the stomach by drug rival Jason Moran, sent two underworld factions spinning into a series of bloody paybacks that eventually cost at least 27 lives. Williams confessed to arranging the murder of Jason Moran, who was killed with his bodyguard, Pat Barbaro, at a children's football clinic in June 2003. He also admitted ordering the murder of Lewis Moran as part of his revenge on the Moran family. Lewis Moran was shot dead in 2004 as he drank at the Brunswick Club."

    Some casting has been released; read the article. Mokbel will be in it if Madeleine West is playing his girlfriend. LaPaglia was supposedly interested also.

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