1 vs 100

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode 101

Aired Unknown Oct 13, 2006 on GSN - Game Show Network

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  • A nice start, but a few tweaks to be worked out

    Bob Saget does a fine job hosting his first true game show (I don't count "America's Funniest Home Videos"), but aside from an incredible set and a unique concept, he has little to work with. The questions are different, essentially being solved out in two steps rather than one (like the "Seabiscuit" question), but just like "Deal or No Deal" in it's first week, there were some problems with editing, particularly mob shots and Saget's voice-overs. In spite of this, the show moves along well, and Saget is always in control. The issue is this: Nobody in their right mind will ever go all the way to the million dollar top prize. They would be foolish to risk $150,000 to possibly add another $30-$50,000 on one question or possibly lose everything. The only way someone wins the top prize is if they decide from the beginning that it's all-or-nothing, and turn down every chance at money until the whole Mob is gone.

    The Mob concept, however, is a good one, and I think that with increased question difficulty and a revamped money ladder, the show could be a real success, with some fairly tense decisions and payouts.
  • A slow start.

    Although the idea for the series is interesting, the first episodes starts off incredibly slow. Bob Saget is a poor choice for host, his shortcomings are made more obvious when he trys to fill the gaps with witty banter. Unfortunately this slow, dragged out opening episode is jam packed with unfunny Bob Saget attempts at filler-humor.

    I like the idea and look forward to watching the show if they replace Saget.

    I recommend Ken Jennings. He can do inteligent humor and would not come across like a hired clown who's used to doing saturday morning kids parties.
  • I liked this show.

    I used to love Deal or no Deal but it got boring after you knew no one would win becase it is all luck. This game is trivia and luck to see how many people of the mob got it right or wrong. Bob Saget was also funny in this episdoe hopefully he stays like this in the future episodes. Ken Jennings was one of the mob in this episode I dont know if they stick with the same mob every show or not but it would be neat if they had a different celebrity mobster each episode but KEn Jennings being a mobster in every episode is good enough for me. I will keep watching this show though. I like the view of it being more brains and less luck.
  • Series debut where 1 person answers questions against 100 other contestants. Guest star Ken Jennings appears as a member fo \"the Mob\" that must answer questions correctly to stay in the game.

    No real drama exists in this game. The trivia questions, especially in episode one, were too easy to encourage viewers to play along at home. The only intrigue lies in when someone will quit (and Deal or No Deal somehow succeeds in making that exciting), but, in this show, when you are competing against Ken Jennings, you know that no one will get to $1 million. Half of the fun of these shows is the possibility that someone will win big. Add cheesy Bob Saget jokes and over-the-top contestant antics and you are left with something that is difficult to watch.