1 vs 100

Season 1 Episode 9

Episode 109

Aired Unknown Dec 25, 2006 on GSN - Game Show Network

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  • I would like to start by saying that I really like this show it's on of the best game show out there. It may not be original but it's fun to watch.

    The show started with Santa and then was followed by the 12 days of Christmas and their interpitation of it which I liked a lot it's my favorite Christmas song. But the questions were defenatly easy especially the one about santa parking his sleigh. I couldn't believe that 54 people from the mob were eliminated with that Q + the contestant that was sad. But hey it made better TV. The only Q I had a problem with was the one about the goose. I forgot to count the goose laying the egg I just counted the chicks LOL. I think that this show will last a while and I hope it does it kinda reminds me of the rich list on fox I liked that show to cause you really get involved it make you want to participate. and that's what I like about game shows that they make you want to play at home. That's the way every game show should make you feel. Like your a contestant at home. well I think I have babbled a long time about this so I will stop I hope that you guys enjoy this show as much as I do.