1 vs 100

Season 2 Episode 2

Episode 202

Aired Unknown Jan 11, 2008 on GSN - Game Show Network



  • Trivia

    • Mob Money: This episode's Mob Money question asked "Who is the sidekick to Bruce Wayne's alter ego?" 33 Mob Members did not know that the correct answer was Robin (the superhero being Batman.) Jack C. of Boone, IA was this episode's Mob Money winner.

    • According to TV Guide magazine, Oscar the Grouch, The Tonight Show's Ross the Intern and comic Sommore join the Mob full-time starting with this episode. This marks a change in the rules of the program, in which once a Mob Member got an answer wrong, they were generally off the program.

  • Quotes

    • Joe: What do I do, Bob? What do I do?
      Bob: Ask the towel.
      Joe: Ask the towel.

    • Bob: I don't mean to be impolite sir, but are you eligible for Social Security?
      Oscar the Grouch: I'm 43.
      Bob: You're 43?
      Oscar the Grouch: I've always been 43.

    • Sommone: I can't believe that a man who carries around his grandmama's towel just knocked me out.
      Bob: He knocked you out with a majority whip of his grandmama's towel.

    • Bob: Joe -- whip, chain, paddle, but enough of my night last night. What's on your mind?

    • Joe: This is my Grandma Nunz's bowling towel. She was the biggest gambler in the family, and if I've got an angel with me right now, it's Grandma Nunz.

    • Debbie: They took my money. They took my money.
      Bob: But you played a great game.

    • Bob: We are back. This is Debbie. Debbie is good at this game. Real good.

    • Bob: I'm hoping that you're right, but I also like the Mob because I'm a kiss-ass.
      Debbie: I don't.

    • Debbie: (regarding what she'd do if she won a million dollars) I'd just have a ball. I'd probably be on a beach somewhere.

    • Bob: With $50,000, you can go out right now and buy yourself a cockapoo.

    • Mob Member #15: I'm an attorney.
      Bob: You frighten me, sir.
      Mob Member #15: I get that a lot.

    • Debbie: Yeah, I'm seeing a bird, a bird, and a -- I don't know.

    • Oscar the Grouch: I pushed the button wrong. I'm all thumbs.
      Bob: I feel horrible. I love you. Everybody loves you, right? (loud cheers and applause from audience)

    • Announcer: Tonight, two new potential millionaires will press their luck.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Bob: A dubrillion is a planet in the Star Wars universe.

      More specifically, Dubrillion is the name of a planet within the Star Wars universe. According to Wookiepedia (the Star Wars Wikia), Dubrillion was a key planet in both the film Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and the EU ("Extended Universe"), in which the planet was terraformed by the hostile species Yuuzhan Vong.