1 vs. 100

The Nine Network (ended 2008)


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  • The money or the mob? What do you choose?

    Eddie is back and he's hosting a fantastic tv show. In this show, a contestant is selected to play from a number of applicants who apply. The mob are a group of 100 people which consist of average blue collars to white collars and public servants. The contestant starts the game by answering questions with the option of three possible answers. The contestant can hit any one of three buzzers corresponding to the three answers on the display monitor. The mob answer the same question. If anyone from the mob gets the answer is wrong, the mob member is wiped out and if the contestant gets the question right, the value of the question is multiplied by the amount of mob members who get the question wrong. That money amount is accrued as the contestants winning prize money. If the contestant gets the question wrong, the mob win and the prize money remaining is shared with each mob member.
  • contestant

    This isn't really a review of the show, unless I just say that I love the show, and I really want to be a contestant. I want to go up against the mob!! I feel like I could do reallly well on the show! How do I become a contestant?