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1 vs. 100, hosted by Bob Saget (Full House, The Aristocrats), finds ordinary people competing against a Mob of 100. Some of the 100 are ordinary folks, just like them, but the Mob also contains some of the best and the brightest. At any given time, the Mob may consist of brain surgeons, Ivy League scholars, past game show champions and other extremely smart individuals. Big-name celebrities are also often seen within the Mob, including such talent as poker superstar Annie Duke, Ken Jennings, Todd Bridges, comedian and The lone contestant faces a series of multiple-choice questions, increasing in value after the first few. The prize money won is based directly on members of the Mob that are eliminated from the game as they answer questions incorrectly. After all Mob members are given a few seconds to lock in their answer, the contestant is then given the opportunity to consider the question and then answer. If at any time the lone contestant answers incorrectly, he or she is out of the game and the members of the Mob split the prize money that had been earned up to that point.

In order to have a shot at winning the most money, the lone contestant is given three "helps." The contestant can "Trust the Mob," which locks them into the most popular answer chosen by the Mob. A contestant may also choose to "Poll the Mob," in which case the contestant selects one of the answer choices and then finds out how many members of the Mob locked in with that answer. Finally, the contestant is allowed to "Ask the Mob." Two members of the Mob are randomly selected and each speaks about why they chose the answer that they did. The selected members must be honest about the answer they chose, but are allowed to lie about why they chose it.

1 vs. 100 originates from Holland and the concept has proven successful throughout Europe. The United States version is brought to you by many of the same team involved with the production of the popular Deal or No Deal.

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  • 1 vs 100 with bob saget

    love Bob Saget the women is just awful i love 1 vs 100 but its noit rhe same bring BOB back please what were you thinking if you need someone who is sexy make the contestans be because she is not i hope you get Bob back i am all for change but this is ridicules don't ruin another great game show
  • You need to bring Bob Saget back as host. The new hostess is terrible! It definitely isn't the same show. It isn't even as personal as it used to be. Hope it changes soon!moreless

    You need to bring Bob Saget back as host. The new hostess is terrible! She has changed the whole attitude of the show and it is for the worse. That was not a good change to make. It definitely isn't the same show. It isn't even as personal as it used to be with the new format. The old saying "If it isn't broke don't fix it" applies here. It was a great show at one time but now it's very difficult to watch. Hope it changes soon! Maybe there will be reruns to watch at some point in time.moreless
  • The best game show I've seen.

    1 Vs. 100 is fun, but isn't it based on an old video game. I like how one person has to answer more questions than the many of the 100 people. This show is even more enjoyable than Deal or No Deal. Why you ask, because I hate game shows that are based on pure luck, it's just not fair. I also like the special appearances that appear in the mob(Otherwise known as the 100 people) It stinks how NBC cancelled it just because it got low ratings by certain critics. This show is by all means a must see game show.moreless
  • It is sad to see a great show go.Bring it back please

    On the outside you would not believe 1 vs. 100 was created by the same guy that created Deal or No Deal as the two shows are complete parallels of each other. On this program the players actually have to have a brain to earn their money as opposed to Deal where its so simple even my dog could play that game. Its sad that not that many people watch the show because it's one of the best nighttime game shows in recent memory. I hope NBC can bring this show back soon since bumping it for another night of Deal or make a syndicated show because doing neither would be letting a very good show go to waste.

    I am jameslpomeroy and I aprove this message.moreless
  • DOND is kinda...better.

    I like Deal or no Deal better than 1 vs. 100. I mean, 1. vs. 100 is good, but not great, and not bad. It's just I can't watch a whole entire episode.

    Okay, so I ee 1 vs. 100 is on, so I change to that channel. I watch it for 5 mins and I'm like, "This is cool!" But then, after the first 30 minutes, I'm like, "You know, this is getting a little boring." And by the 35th minute I'm gone, watching another show.

    So, maybe this being a 30 min show wouldn't be that bad.

    7 out of 10.moreless

    Penn Jillette hosts Identity


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