1 vs 100

Season 1 Episode 15

Episode 115

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 2007 on GSN - Game Show Network



  • Trivia

    • The "You vs. 100" question in this episode asked "On which part of his body did Abe Lincoln wear his stovepipe?" The answer choices were arm, leg and head, which the correct answer being head, as his stovepipe was his tall cap. 95 out of 100 members of the "Last Man Standing" Mob answered correctly, including Sister Rose and Ken Jennings. Rebecca P. of Worden, IL was this week's You vs. 100 home winner.

    • During the "Last Man Standing" portion of the program, the eliminations proceeded as follows:

      - 1st Question - 39 eliminated
      - 2nd Question - 2 eliminated
      - 3rd Question - 32 eliminated
      - 4th Question - 1 eliminated
      - 5th Question - 11 eliminated
      - 6th Question - 10 eliminated
      - 7th Question - 0 eliminated
      - 8th Question - 4 eliminated, leaving only the winner

    • This episode was referred to as 1 vs 100: Last Man Standing during the show, for that portion of the game.

  • Quotes

    • Paparazzi in the Mob: I chose number A.
      Raul Torres: Number A.?!?

    • Bob: Oh no. What is this world coming to when we've lost two paparazzi?

    • Mob Member Steve: I build things. I burn things. I blow things up, usually far away from everybody else.

    • Annie Duke: Frankly, I'd rather be in the Mob because then you get knocked out anonymously.

    • Bob: It's 1 vs. 100: Last Man Standing. No helps, no "money or the Mob," everybody answers the same questions until only one person remains who will take it all.

    • Ken Jennings: (referring to his former "Jeopardy!" opponent Brad Rutter being knocked out) Brad spanked me pretty bad on Jeopardy!, so I don't know if one question evens the score.
      Bob: I'm still working on that he spanked you on Jeopardy!. I thought it was just a game of wits...
      Ken: It didn't make the final airing, but Alex Trebek, look out.

  • Notes

    • A change was made to the crediting for key show crew members. Show creators, producers, head writers, writers and director were displayed during the opening of the episode, rather than at the end.

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