1 vs 100

Season 2 Episode 1

Episode 201

Aired Unknown Jan 04, 2008 on GSN - Game Show Network
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Episode 201
The second-season premiere of 1 vs. 100 features a revamped set and a new prize-ladder format. This premiere features a Battle of the Sexes in which Katherine "Katie" Kazorla from Elmira, New York goes up against a Mob of 100 men. Her game is then followed by Jason Luda from San Diego, California, going up against a Mob of 100 women.moreless

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  • NBC's "1 vs. 100" returns for its second season. In a television landscape soon to be dominated by repeats and third-rate reality shows, it's nice to see the return of this winner. New set, new prize-structure, a great return for "1 vs. 100!"moreless

    NOTE: This review contains spoilers throughout.

    1 vs. 100 returned with its second season premiere on January 4, 2008 in fine style. Right at the top of the show, the changes were immediately evident. The set has been completely revamped. Everything looks bigger, better, more polished -- in all, it's everything a great game show going into its second season should be. Bob Saget then introduced the show's new prize format. It's a winner and should allow the program to give away more money than ever. Gone is the old format where contestants received escalating dollar amounts for each Mob Member eliminated. Instead, there are now ten milestones to reach, including top values of $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 and finally, the grand prize of one million dollars.

    For tonight's special first episode, it was a Battle of the Sexes. It was a decent (if obvious) idea, and one that worked out well. The first game featured one female contestant against one hundred males. She did reasonably well, and I thought she might have a shot. She correctly deduced that "hemophobia" is the fear of blood. She rose up in the ranks when she used her Poll the Mob help and learned that 44 out of 77 Mob Members chose Hair Club for Men as the answer to the question "Sy Sperling founded what famous club?" This allowed her to eliminated 33 Mob Members, bringing her to $50,000. But she blew it with a question about prime numbers. This actually isn't the first time I've seen somebody on a game show (I think maybe even *this* game show) blow a question about prime numbers, and I urge anyone who's planning on going on a game show -- *know what a prime number is.* For the record, a prime number is a number that is only divisible by itself and the number 1. These are considered important numbers in mathematics, and there's a continuing quest to find the highest known prime number.

    With Katie eliminated, the men were 1-1 so far. It was time for Jason Luda. If you thought this guy seemed like a bit of a nerd, well, maybe he was, but he proved up to take on both hard trivia and pop culture, and knew his stuff all around. He also proved gutsy, willing to take some big risks. He proved his knowledge of current events by knowing that Senator Larry Craig was arrested in a bathroom. And he knew that "Oh Canada" was the only national anthem out of three (also including the United States and Mexicos' anthems) to feature the country's name in the anthem. So, it came down to 15 Mob Members remaining, and Michael chose to risk $250,000. It proved to be a wise move. He was hit with a tough question about which holiday is the biggest for giving greeting cards. He knew what nobody remaining in the Mob did -- that the correct answer was A.) Christmas. And so we had our first million dollar winner!

    This premiere was everything I expected and hoped for, and more. I'm looking forward to a great season of "1 vs. 100." I hope the ratings were good, and I hope everybody here that tuned in for tonight's episode keeps watching.moreless
  • Return of NBC's other game show.

    1 vs 100

    After a long wait NBC returns there other hit gameshow. Although Deal or no Deal is still NBC's golden child it still allows other to help out. Bad way to tell about these game shows. So tonights start has a battle of Sexes theme were 1 women goes up against 100 men. And one man goes up against 100 women.It was an exciting start. But i felt the questions were on the tad side easy. Although the women found it hard to know what a prime number was. This time the show has a new way of dealing the money. You must get rid of 10 mob members to get a money asortment. And if u get rid of them all u get a million. In the end it was shown that the men did better then the women. Were the one women lost again the mob of men. And the one man won the million from the mob of women.All in all it was exciting to have this show back. And not lost from out eyes.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Battle of the Sexes: In the Battle of the Sexes, the men were two-for-two. Katherine "Katie" Karzola lost to the all-male Mob, and the remaining 39 split $50,000. Jason Luda then defeated all 100 members of the all-female Mob to win one million dollars.

    • Big Winner: Jason Luda, a 21-year-old from San Diego, CA who has never had a girlfriend or even gone on a date in this life before is 1 vs. 100's first million dollar winner. The final question he faced asked which holiday is the biggest when it comes to giving cards. The answer choices were A.) Christmas, B.) Mother's Day and C.) Valentine's Day. After reasoning it out, Jason decided to lock in which A.) Christmas. Before revealing whether this answer was correct, Bob Saget revealed that all fifteen of the remaining members in the all female Mob had answered incorrectly. He then revealed that Jason had indeed chosen the correct answer and was the show's first million dollar winner. Asked for his reaction, Jason commented that it hadn't even really hit him yet.

    • Big Money: This season features a new money ladder and a new mechanism for how the money is won. Gone is the format of the previous season where the only big dollar amount was a million dollars (which nobody won in that season) and the most anyone could win below that was around $200,000 to $300,000. The new dollar ladder is as follows: $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 and finally one million dollars. Money is no longer added for each Mob Member eliminated. Instead, a milestone is reached each time ten Mob Members are eliminated. As always, the contestant may choose to take the money instead of the Mob, but only before seeing the next question. If at any time they answer a question incorrectly, the money they've won to that point is split among the remaining Mob Members who answered that question correctly.

    • Mob Money: This feature replaced the "You vs. 100" play-along-at-home mechanism seen in the first season of the show. The objective of this game was for the viewer to choose from three choices how many Mob members got the answer to a particular question wrong. This episode's Mob Money question asked "What color is at the bottom of the traffic light?" The number of Mob members that got it wrong was one of these three choices:

      A.) 19
      B.) 49
      C.) 79

      The correct answer was that 19 Mob members got it wrong. Norma G. of Purhamville, Kentucky was this episode's Mob Money winner.

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    • The second season was originally going to begin with the regular season, but was later held to air as a mid-season replacement.