1 vs 100

Season 2 Episode 5

Episode 205

Aired Unknown Feb 01, 2008 on GSN - Game Show Network

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  • The chimp was a cheap stunt that didn't last long into the episode. Chimp part of episode felt scripted.

    This episode omits the conclusion to the woman's game from the end of the last aired episode who was about to choose the mob or the money. There is just a really short mention that she took the money during the opening of the show. This show is feeling more and more scripted lately. Why NBC is giving this show such little exposure is beyond me. Deal or No Deal feels tired now. They are just giving the money away now during their million dollar mission. Plus it is too slow and over the top. 1 vs 100 has a lot of possibilities and potential. But this episode does not explore any of these possibilities unfortunately. A few ideas for the mob could be 100 Osmonds or 100 past winners of the show. Oscar the Grouch being in the mob is one of the few good changes made this season.