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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Episode 101
      Episode 101
      Episode 1
      This is the series premiere. Brian is chosen to challenge 100 other opponents for $1 million. After Brian is eliminated, Christine Tarbet tries to outsmart the mob next. Every time the contestant gets an answer correct, the other player is knocked out.
    • Episode 102
      Episode 102
      Episode 2
      One contestant is chosen to challenge 100 other opponents for $1 million. Every time the contestant gets an answer correct, the other player is knocked out.
    • Episode 103
      Episode 103
      Episode 3
      Three contestants get a chance to try and outsmart the mob. They are Camielle Bennett from Augusta, Georgia; Portia Peters from South Holland, Illinois; and Ed Brown from Afton, Wyoming. Ed Brown was the first contestant to chose a wrong answer and lose everything.
    • Episode 104
      Episode 104
      Episode 4
      Contestants include Ed Brown of Afton, Wyoming, Kelly Roos of Oak Park, CA, and Monique Solitani of Hollywood, CA.
    • Episode 105
      Episode 105
      Episode 5
      The game continues as ordinary people resume their quest to outwit members of a Mob of 100. Monique Soltani, resuming her game from the previous episode, continues "competing against literacy and a holy person" for the top prize of one million dollars. She does well against the Mob at first, but then starts running into more difficult questions. Jonathan Kehoe takes on the Mob next. He plays well, taking down 54 Mob members.moreless
    • Episode 106
      Episode 106
      Episode 6
      The mob consists Kevin Federline, poker champion Annnie Dukes, World Series Champion MVP David Eckstein, Wink Martindale, and Bob Eubanks. The cast of Las Vegas including Molly Sims, Nikki Cox, Josh Duhamel, and James LeSure, also make up the mob.
      Jay Stakelon, from Allentown PA, and Paula Russell from Chicago, Illinois, take on the mob.moreless
    • Episode 107
      Episode 107
      Episode 7
      The quest continues as contestants hope to be the lucky first player to outwit all one-hundred members of the mob and win one million dollars. Paula Russell of Chicago, Illinois, returns from the previous episode, and next, Molly Garner of Tustin, California takes on the mob.
    • Episode 108
      Episode 108
      Episode 8
      It's a true 1 vs. 100 as one man, Keikabou Holland, maintains a game throughout the entire program. He answers many questions, making wise use of help, but also some risky decisions. A crisis of confidence leads him to wonder at one point if he is eliminated from the game. Meanwhile, several mob members who had played for several games are eliminated.moreless
    • Episode 109
      Episode 109
      Episode 9
      Tonight is a special Monday night Christmas episode of 1 VS. 100, filled with Holiday themed questions and mob members. Melanie Pino of Las Vegas, Nevada will try to outwit the mob that is inspired by the Twelve Days of Christmas, including Santa, 12 members of the University of Southern California marching band, 11 plumbers, 10 male ballet dancers, nine exotic female dancers, eight farmer's wives, seven members of the CSUN water polo team, six pregnant women, five boxers, four men named "Bird," three French chefs, two dove hunters and Danny Bonaduce as the partridge in a pear tree. Then Michael Zajaczkowski of Jersey City, New Jersey takes his crack at the mob.moreless
    • Episode 110
      Episode 110
      Episode 10
      Kerry Sutmeyer from Palm Desert, California tries her luck against the Mob that includes many returning members including a long-time reigning champion, as well as school principals, and Rhodes scholars, hoping to win one million dollars, followed by Barry Lander from San Diego.
    • Episode 111
      Episode 111
      Episode 11
      The quest continues as Barry Lander of San Diego, California and Kwame Horne of Detroit, Michigan takes on the Mob.
    • Episode 112
      Episode 112
      Episode 12
      Kwame Horn returns from the previous episode to try to take down the Mob, followed by Shelly Regan from Las Vegas, Nevada, and finally, Radjiv Ladra (call him "Raj") from Birmingham, England.
    • Episode 113
      Episode 113
      Episode 13
      In tonight's episode, Rajiv Ladva returns from the previous episode to try to win one million dollars, follwed by Janice Carlson from Fort Dix, New Jersey. Tonight's mob consists of six people with genius IQs, five Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, two former child stars, eleven morticians, six daytime soap opera stars and three Olympic gold medalists.moreless
    • Episode 114
      Episode 114
      Episode 14
      A special episode of the program finds Mitch Mishky from Telluride, Colorado taking on a Mob comprised of 100 children. Afterwards, Wendy Powell from Las Vegas, Nevada takes on the Mob.
    • Episode 115
      Episode 115
      Episode 15
      In a special episode, one player is guaranteed to take home $250,000 in a game called "Last Man Standing," where the mob competes against each other. Following the "Last Man Standing" game, Raul Torres takes on mob that consists of five paparazzi and seven Hawaiian tropic girls.
    • Episode 116
      Episode 116
      Episode 16
      Raul Torres returns from the previous episode to continue his match against the Mob, folowed by Casey Smith of Des Moines, Iowa.
    • Episode 117
      Episode 117
      Episode 17
      The game begins when Joanne Uy from Northridge, California faces the Mob. After her game, Herman Wilkins from Memphis, Tennessee tackles the mob, followed by Lou Siville, from Shiloh, Illinois.
    • Episode 118
      Episode 118
      Episode 18
      In tonight's episode, Rabbi Shmuley returns for another shot to outsmart contestants, along with a few used car salesmen, cowboys, and Harvard professors. Carolyn Granado of Carlsbad, California plays the game first. Following her game, Andrew Murray of Redondo Beach, CA takes on the Mob.
    • Episode 119
      Episode 119
      Episode 19
      The game begins with Andrew Murray, returning from the previous episode, followed by Mike Kurich of Dacula, Georgia and then Heather Sapneur of Desert Hot Springs, California.
    • Episode 120
      Episode 120
      Episode 20
      On 1 vs. 100's first season finale, Shannon Franco from Louisville, Kentucky takes on the Mob, hoping to defeat them all and win one million dollars. Then Amanda Spangeletti from Swarthmore, PA takes on the Mob. Throughout the program, updates on past contestants are also provided.
    • 1 vs 100 Season 1 Episode 40
  • Season 2
  • Season 3