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Submission & Forum Guidelines!

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    Please read these guidelines making submissions or forum posts.

    10 Ways to Get a Submission Rejected

    1. Bad Grammar/SpellingWe’re not going to reject an entry for simple grammatical errors but please, PLEASE, write complete sentences. “Is a fan of Dave Mathews” or, “likes cake”, are not complete sentences. Also, the moderators don’t have time to spell check your work so please take the time to check your own spelling.

    2. Copy and PasteYou cannot copy and paste information from IMDB, or Yahoo, or any other site; that material is copyrighted. Write your own bio or synopsis, or paraphrase one that’s already been written, get creative. Do not copy someone else’s work.

    3. Links/Email AddressesYou cannot include links to commercial websites or personal websites and we would rather you did not include your own or someone else’s email address.

    4. Improper FormattingPlease read the FAQ for information on formatting. Quotes, for example, should look like this: name: quote. The moderators don’t have time to re-format your submissions.

    5. PicturesMost of the pictures users submit to TV.com are copyrighted and cannot be posted without permission. The pictures you see on TV.com have been posted by TV.com with permission from the owners. Simple rule: don’t post pictures.

    6. False InformationIn order to accumulate points, some users have decided to change episode numbers, season numbers, air dates, etc., without bothering to check the accuracy of their information. This causes problems and it’s a big headache for the people who have to go back and fix everything. It’s okay to change an airdate, or an episode number, etc., if you know it’s incorrect, but please be certain.

    7. Hearsay/GossipTrivia is one thing but let’s leave statements like, “has a thing for Lindsay Lohan”, and, “living with mystery man in Miami” to the tabloids. We’d like to stick to the facts.

    8. Posting to the Wrong FormTrivia belongs in trivia, bio’s belong in bio, quotes in quotes and etc. Again, it takes time to go back and fix these things so please be aware of which form you’re adding to.

    9. Duplicate EntriesSometimes it can’t be avoided, we understand that there’s a lot of folks out there and there is bound to be some overlapping. All we ask is that you take a minute to check to see if the information you’re intending to post has already been posted.

    10. NonsenseSome examples of nonsense would be: “she’s sooooooo hottt!!!”; “I would like to go on a date with her!!!”; “is the best actor ever!!!!” This information isn’t valuable to anyone and really doesn’t have any place in the guides.

    11. Multiple Synopsises - Review your submissions before you send them by making sure everything is included.  I will reject an episode synopsis if it is updated more than two time without adding more than a mere sentence.

    12. Sources - A valid source must be given so I can verify that the information is correct. "I saw it on tv/heard it on the radio" is not a source.  A valid source contains a www._______.com/net/org


    - Need to be Episode specific, Not show specific
    - Need to provide value to the episode, PLEASE do not just copy down the lines as read.
    - If they need a "set-up" to be understood, PLEASE provide direction in Bracketed Italics.

    Example of an acceptable quote:
    Name Here: Whatever they said

    Example of what won’t be accepted:

    Name Here: Whatever they said


    - Trivia is any small detail or goof that might not be known to people who view an episode. 
    - Use complete sentences that are properly formatted.
    - Make sure that all though this is trivia, that it provides some fact about the episode that might not be known by the casual watcher.
    - Trivia is NOT a place for speculation. It is a place for Factual items.


    - An allusion is an indirect or passing reference to an existing form of media, be it to another TV program, a movie, a piece of music, or a book
    - A happening that is in reference to another specific action or title.


    - Notes are off-camera tidbits about an episode. They should contain off-camera events that deal with a show's production. They should not deal with on-camera events or trivia
    - A comment about the scene's direction.

    Guidelines for the forum:

    1.) Try to avoid swearing. Also use *** or ~!@#$%^&() or any other characters to beep out words against the site.

    2.) Don't argue with or insult any other user on this forum. If you have some issue with someone PM them don’t discuss it here.

    3.) Posts against the show will either be deleted or locked. If you don’t like the show why are you here?

    4.) Stay on topic.

    5.) Try not to make topics about something that already has one.

    6.) Talk about an episode in the episode discussion (if there is one).

    7.) No duplicate threads please!!

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