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  • 1 vs 100 with bob saget

    love Bob Saget the women is just awful i love 1 vs 100 but its noit rhe same bring BOB back please what were you thinking if you need someone who is sexy make the contestans be because she is not i hope you get Bob back i am all for change but this is ridicules don't ruin another great game show
  • You need to bring Bob Saget back as host. The new hostess is terrible! It definitely isn't the same show. It isn't even as personal as it used to be. Hope it changes soon!

    You need to bring Bob Saget back as host. The new hostess is terrible! She has changed the whole attitude of the show and it is for the worse. That was not a good change to make. It definitely isn't the same show. It isn't even as personal as it used to be with the new format. The old saying "If it isn't broke don't fix it" applies here. It was a great show at one time but now it's very difficult to watch. Hope it changes soon! Maybe there will be reruns to watch at some point in time.
  • It is sad to see a great show go.Bring it back please

    On the outside you would not believe 1 vs. 100 was created by the same guy that created Deal or No Deal as the two shows are complete parallels of each other. On this program the players actually have to have a brain to earn their money as opposed to Deal where its so simple even my dog could play that game. Its sad that not that many people watch the show because it's one of the best nighttime game shows in recent memory. I hope NBC can bring this show back soon since bumping it for another night of Deal or make a syndicated show because doing neither would be letting a very good show go to waste.
    I am jameslpomeroy and I aprove this message.
  • DOND is kinda...better.

    I like Deal or no Deal better than 1 vs. 100. I mean, 1. vs. 100 is good, but not great, and not bad. It's just I can't watch a whole entire episode.

    Okay, so I ee 1 vs. 100 is on, so I change to that channel. I watch it for 5 mins and I'm like, "This is cool!" But then, after the first 30 minutes, I'm like, "You know, this is getting a little boring." And by the 35th minute I'm gone, watching another show.

    So, maybe this being a 30 min show wouldn't be that bad.

    7 out of 10.
  • 10 Times better than Deal or No Deal!

    On the outside you would not believe 1 vs. 100 was created by the same guy that created Deal or No Deal as the two shows are complete parallels of each other. On this program the players actually have to have a brain to earn their money as opposed to Deal where its so simple even my dog could play that game. Its sad that not that many people watch the show because it's one of the best nighttime game shows in recent memory. I hope NBC can bring this show back soon since bumping it for another night of Deal or make a syndicated show because doing neither would be letting a very good show go to waste.
  • Cool quiz-show!

    The Australian version of 1 VS 100, hosted by the one and only Eddie Maguire is not that bad a Quiz show. I agree that most of the questions are pretty easy but one thing you have to remember is that none of the contestants have been brave enough to go all the way yet, the questions would be much harder then i think.

    So basically there's one contestant who has to eliminate A mob of 100 people in order to win 1 Million dollar prize money, you have three lifelines( similar to those of Who wants to be a millionaire, a much better quiz show in my opinion.)you get to choose whether you want to play on or take the amount of money you have won But if you get a question wrong the number of people in the mob who got it right share the money in between them.

    Eddie Maguire is a perfect host and i couldn't have thought of a better person to host the show, but maybe it's just me but it's kind of weird seeing him in something other than "The footy show" and 'who wants to be a millionaire".

    An entertaining 1 hour is what 1 Vs 100 is so MAKE SURE you watch it every Monday night From 8:30( check your local guides) on Channel Nine.
  • I don't no how to feel about this show

    T h i s s h o w w o u l d b e a l o t b e t t e r i f t he y a s k e d q u e s t i o n s t h a t a c t u a l l y r e q u i r e d s o m e t h o u g h t. T H e y also need to get rid Bob Saget. That guy isn't even f u n n y his audience gives him pitty laughs.
  • Not Deal or No Deal but still good!

    Though it is no Deal or No Deal at all, it is still a great show as it shows that kind of excitement. Bob Saget of Full House fame does a great job. Like I said, he may not be a Howie Mandel. But still, he is fun to hang out with it looks like. Love to see the person win the money and hate to see them lose the money.
  • This Show Gets More Boring Every Episode

    I Watched This Show When It Started But Stopped Watching After Episode 5 Because This Show Gets Boring After A While. Maybe I Could Watch An Episode Once Every 2 Months And That Wouldn't Be To Bad But This Show Is Going To Let Me Fall Asleep On The Couch With My Glasses On. I Haven't Watched It Since Last Year And Yeah, And Now That I Remembered It, I Just Yawned. This Show Isn't Good In My Book Because You Can Yawn, Sleep Or Turn The Channel In The Middle Of An Episode. Thats Why I Don't Like This Show.
  • Great show, really inventive!

    This show rocks everyones socks! Really, it is just a great concept! All of these game shows now are really corny and cheesy but not this one! I love it, really its a great show because it actually requires effort and you have to be smart to do it. This show is just awesome because the people they pick to be on it are just great and their personalities are wonderful. The best thing about the show really is how you have to win be outsmarting 100 people which is a really hard thing to do! I really hope this show stays on the air as long as possible because its great and its just a great idea and has an awesome concept! A+!
  • Not my favorite but it's good.

    The concept of this shows is really great. It got off to a rocky start to because the questions were way too easy. But it got better after time and a lot changed. It's a great show to watch. One person versus 100 others is genius. I wish I could be on the show because it seems like fun. The host of the show is great and keeps me laughing. I don't know what else to say about the show other than I like it and will continue watching it as long as NBC has it on. And thats all.
  • Another game show on the networks...

    What I like about this show is trying to beat the mob. The questions are kind of easy, but I guess standing up there with a chance to win a bunch of money puts stress on you that the questions become harder. I love trivia game shows, so I do like watching this one.
    I think I would like to be a member of the mob rather than a contestant. When mob members win money, it's usually not a lot, especially compared to what regular contestants can win, but I think it would be more fun and of course, you have the chance of staying longer than a regular contestant.
    This is a fun show to watch, even if the host, Bob Saget, is showing his age.
  • Its a good show!!!!!

    At first I thought this show was a rip off of NBC's Deal or no Deal. But I forgot that this show was made by the same producers. This is another great addition to the NBC gameshow line up. THe only thing I don't like about this show is that there is too much to risk. Like in Deal or no Deal, if you get on, your walking home with at least a penny. So its not as great as Deal or no Deal but I enjoy watching it. I dont know why people think this show is bad, I like it!!!
  • Can't think of much to say

    This show is hosted by Bob Saget (Full House, The Aristocrats), finds ordinary people competing against a Mob of 100. Some of the 100 are ordinary folks, just like them, but the Mob also contains some of the best and the brightest. At any given time, the Mob may consist of brain surgeons, Ivy League scholars, past game show champions and other extremely smart individuals. Big-name celebrities are also often seen within the Mob, including such talent as poker superstar Annie Duke, Ken Jennings, Todd Bridges, comedian and The lone contestant faces a series of multiple-choice questions, increasing in value after the first few. The prize money won is based directly on members of the Mob that are eliminated from the game as they answer questions incorrectly. After all Mob members are given a few seconds to lock in their answer, the contestant is then given the opportunity to consider the question and then answer. The dollar values start at $1,000, rising to a possible maximum of $10,000. If at any time the lone contestant answers incorrectly, he or she is out of the game and the members of the Mob split the prize money that had been earned up to that point.
  • Can't say anything about this show

    All this show is stupid contestants, easy/uninteresting questions, and an interesting concept botched in implementation. With the host Bob Saget which is a great actor but i would never see him doing a game show. The prize money won is based directly on members of the Mob that are eliminated from the game as they answer questions incorrectly. The dollar values start at $1,000, rising to a possible maximum of $10,000.
  • 1 vs. 100 is a show where one contestant goes against 100 people who are referred to as the mob. If the contestant gets questions right more money for them, if the mob gets it right more money for them. A very fun show but vaguely familiar to other shows.

    I actually like to watch the show but it is not an original show. I was actually surprise to see NBC create 1 vs. 100 so close to revealing Deal or No Deal although the shows obviously have their differences. Between the two, I believe that 1 vs. 100 is the best because it has more twist and turns to it. Another thing about 1 vs. 100 is that the mob doesn't always consist of ordinary people. Sometimes there are rappers in the mob, tv court judges, geniuses, a mob full of various type of children, Kevin Federline, Soap Opera stars and others. But overall this show is really a filler for me because I'm kinda tired of all of the game shows. If something else better is on, then I would watch it instead, so this isn't my 1st for Friday night most definitely, but it is a good show.
  • Good thought for a game show, But can Bob Saget pull it off? Of course he can, he's BOB SAGET!

    Yes, Bob Saget is the host of a show that gives contestants a chance to answer questions against a group of 100 people. Really cool concept, and you'd be amazed at how little people can know. It can be the easiest gameshow to win money, or the hardest. It flows nicely and put together well so far in its early years, I like this game show personally, becuase it does a good job at doing questions and getting results. I expect this show to do good in its future still, and it deserves it. Go Bob Saget and crew! 1 vs 100 is a good show, catch it.
  • Its not horrible...

    although I remembered when I first started watching this show, it actually kept me in suspense. But lately I see that they purposely add a group of 5 bimbo strippers (or, Hooters girls..or whatever) within the 100, in which they surely are the first ones to lose. And then I notice that they usually keep the cameras on them bimbos for awhile (maybe to get higher ratings?). Anyway, thing is, isnt this game a bit TOO easy to play, or is it just me? By that, I mean that usually the questions are easier than a lot of game shows I have seen. I mean, that would be great for the contestant, but way boring for the viewers to watch, dont you think? This game show needs more fine tuning, and should think of something to keep everyone (viewers AND the contestant) in suspense!
  • Can't say much about this??

    1 vs 100 is a reality game show hosted by Bob Saget. The question are extremely easy and anyone can answer them. The total about of money one player can win is 250,000 dollars. There are 3 life lines, which makes the game a little bit easier. The people you play against is called "THE MOB" At times Saget makes the game really boring, and the players are not as exciting to be there. Its really hard to get into the game show. The reason is becuase the questions are extremely easy. It worth watching when there's literally nothing on television.
  • 1 vs 100 could have been good. However, stupid contestants, easy/uninteresting questions, an interesting concept botched in implementation, and a dash of unoriginality mire what could have been a NBC game show more compelling than Deal or No Deal.

    Why is 1 vs 100 so bad? For one, the people on this show are complete idiots. One lady couldn't multiply 15 x 6, and neither could 20 people in the mob. I was flabbergasted to be honest. Other contestants and mob members have been just as stupid on easy questions. It's like watching people get the first question on Millionare wrong over and over and over.

    Secondly, it's plain uninteresting and bit unoriginal. Sure, the 1 vs 100 concept is original, but I didn't feel like it was used to its potential. Then there are the "helps". These are obviously ripped off from Millionare, but badly. One called "trust the mob" should be called "trust a pack of idiots with your money".

    All in all, skip 1 vs 100 unless you're looking for a comedy that makes you want to scream at 101 idiots on the TV.
  • A suspenseful new game show

    When I first watched this new show a few weeks ago, I thought it was decent, but not above average. The object of the game is to eliminate all the "mob" members all the while winning more money, the top prize being $1 million. Host Bob Saget incorporates some humor into the show, but not gut-busting laughter. Even though the game show has a few boring parts in it, it makes up for this when the contestant wins the higher amounts of money, and the suspense continues to rise. In my opinion, winning the top prize in this show is as rare as winning the $1 million in "Who Wants to be a Millionaire".
  • 1 vs 100

    Either you will win are they will win. That is the whole piont of this and it is a good piont i like 1 vs 100 it is a good gameshow and Bob Saget is a good gameshow host and it is funny. I like when the MOB wins because that is when something different happens it is a relly good show and relly fun to watch out a of all the NBC gameshows on primetime this and Deal or No Deal are the best I guess that is all i have to say about 1 vs 100 THE END
  • Not jsut another Deal or No Deal. This game pits one person against the "mob" in a test that requires knowledge. The goal is simple, answer all the questions right which will whittle down the number left in the mob. Then you win cash. I liked it.

    What a pleasant surprize. In the January lull of interesting television, I opted to try one episode of this. Frankly, I feared it was another "Deal or No Deal" where luck is everything and expected to hate it. The first round, which is the 1 vs 100 in the "mob", has a simple question (they are all multiple choice) and it is hard to imagine people missing it but some do. The player gets $1000 for each person that missed it, assuming the player gets it correct.

    The remaining members of the mob are able to go on to the next round against the player. The player gets a higher amount per incorrect mob member at each level but the questions are harder and it's more likely that the player will lost it all with a correct answer.

    After a few correct answers, the player can opt to take their winnings and stop. If they miss an answer, the mob members that have answered all correctly to that point, split the pot. The last twist is that the player gets three "helps" .. to use over the course of their entire time on the show. These are in the realm of "ask the mob" or "trust the mob" .. depending on the mob for information.

    Overall this has the ability to make one think. It's not like the classic jeopardy as the beginning questions are really easy. But they do progress and it is enough to keep my interest. Enjoy!
  • The people are so dumb, it should be a comedy.

    The people are so dumb, it should be a comedy. You got easy questions to answer to win a million dollars. Now I bet your thinking that, "I could win a million dollars just for answering easy questions? How do I sign up!?" You don't. What I beleive is that the contestants are actors. I couldn't believe half of the mob said that you can move up and down on checkers and that a woman would have trouble with a Clue (the board game) question. This show makes me feel smart and makes me feel like a thirteen year old boy could be smarter than adults. HaHaHa. I still think this should go into a comedy catagory.
  • Potentially interesting game show. Needs some little twists.

    Bob Saget makes a good game show MC - he's toned down from his America's Funniest Videos days. Saget is certainly a lot easier to watch than the other brand new crop of nighttime game show hosts.

    The questions on this show are too easy - that's my biggest gripe.

    As the game wears on, the "ONE" often falls to the mob out of sheer greed.

    The show is well-paced and pleasant to watch. I think they could add a few twists and turns to the mix - maybe single out more individuals from the "Mob" and tell us who they are or somethng.

    Whatever, it sure beats the overwhelming number of crime dramas.
  • 1VS100=Too Easy

    This is one of the first trivia game shows on a big network that I, a 14 yr old, feel like I can win big money on. The questions are for babies. I like the show because its very original and it has many great guest stars. Do you want the money or the mob? A puzzling question. I don't think anyone has won the million dollars yet but it won't be long. 1 vs 100 is nowhere near as good as Deal or No Deal but its worth watching. NBC has the best game shows ever and I hope they keep it up.
  • This is why I like game shows because it gets you involved and that's what game shows are all about.

    I think that this show will last a while and I hope it does it kinda reminds me of the rich list on fox I liked that show to cause you really get involved it make you want to participate. and that's what I like about game shows that they make you want to play at home. That's the way every game show should make you feel. Like your a contestant at home. This is the reason we watch game shows to feel like were part of the program. 1 VS 100 really shows that by letting us answer questions and by seeing if we're smarter than the mob. Well that's what I have to say about the show and here is what I though about the 9th episode:
    The show started with Santa and then was followed by the 12 days of Christmas and their interpitation of it which I liked a lot it's my favorite Christmas song. But the questions were defenatly easy especially the one about santa parking his sleigh. I couldn't believe that 54 people from the mob were eliminated with that Q + the contestant that was sad. But hey it made better TV. The only Q I had a problem with was the one about the goose. I forgot to count the goose laying the egg I just counted the chicks LOL.
  • Was the question written incorrectly or was the answer incorrect. Episode 9, Christmas show, lady wearing orange shirt and she had dark hair was asked about parallel parking Santa's sleigh.

    The question was (paraphrased): What part of Santa's sleigh would be against the curb if Santa were to parallel park the sleigh? The three answers were the back bumper, the driver's side or the passenger's side (not in the correct order).

    The lady answered the passenger side. Dannie Bonnaducci made a remark about this as well because he had the same answer. The "correct" answer read that it was the back bumper.

    I would like to know why the lady answering was incorrect. According to Wikapedia, the passenger's side would be against the curb, NOT the back bumper.


    Should she get another chance? Unless I misunderstood the question, I think she should get another chance.
  • THis one is okay

    The only thing that I dont like about this show is that the questions are very easy pop questions. Why do they have mensa and doctors trying to answer a question about little nemo? I am sure that there are harder questions latter on in the game but by the time they get to them many smart people are eliminated. Also people take the money eventually if I had 200k sitting in front of me knowing that I was about to get to the hard levels I would take the money too. Nobody will ever win the million just like on Deal or no Deal.
  • it's an alright show when I catch it, as long as they don't have him do cheesy jokes, or do his regular act which would be dirty jokes.

    This show has potential sure it's not orignal, and not as easy to get into as Deal or no Deal, but it's a decent show. I'm not sure how long it will survive, because Friday night's seem like the kiss of deaths for shows. This started out there, so they may move it later on. It's interesting to see them knock out some of the mob, and the questions are easy at first but some get harder I guess. I think it's fair that they should are easier, because they are going up against 100 people, you have to give them some sort of help. They might be able to make some tweaks, and make this almost as popular as Deal or No Deal.
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