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  • I thought I'd look at this and boy did I enjoy it.

    I got a nice first impression when I saw the host was Bob Saget. You may hate him but I loved him on AFHV and Full House. This is how the game works. There is one lone contestant on the show. There is also a group of 100 other people known as the "mob" on the show. Bob asks a question. The first time, the 100 mob individuals pick an answer and the contestant also picks an answer(three possible choices). If the contestant is wrong, he or she goes home without any money. If he/she is right, then any mob people that got the answer wrong are eliminated. For every mob person gone, the contestant gets $100. They can either take the money or go another round. As the show goes on, a mobster is worth more money to the contestant. The money they've won the previous rounds is also carried over. If they want to, they can take the money they've already won between rounds.

    If a contestant eliminates every one of the mobsters, he/she wins 1,000,000 dollars. Like I said above, if he or she loses, they don't get any money. The money the contestant could have won is split evenly between the remaining mobsters. Therefore, they always want the contestant to get large amounts of money so they get more if the contestant loses. This is proven in the fact that the contestant can ask for mob help twice. He or she can pick any one of the answers he or she wants to know more about, and then can pick any audience member who picked that specific answer to tell the contestant more about it.

    I greatly enjoyed the first episode and hope this becomes a full show on NBC. The only problem I had is that the questions seemed to be quite easy.
  • This show is great!

    I heard about the new game show 1 vs. 100 and I decided to watch it a few months ago. When it premiered on my local NBC affiliate last night, I was pretty ecstatic. After I watched the whole show, I thought it seemed a little similar to other game shows such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Greed, and Weakest Link. I hope to see a contestant on that show win a million dollars in the near future, and I definitely hope this show will last MUCH longer than just five episodes. If it doesn\'t last, I'll definitely be disappointed. So tune in to your NBC affiliate every Friday night; if you don\'t, who knows what you'll be missing out on? And I will tape this show to watch later when I'm not home when it comes back on.
  • my new favorite game show

    1 vs 100 is now my favorite new game show. The show goes along with one person answering question. While trying knock out the mb which is made out of 100 people and continues to drop with wrong answers. The player gets three answers and have to pick the right one. If they need help the can ask the mob. Each round they knock out a mob player they get moneycontuning from 100$ to i think 10,000$ and if you knock out every body from the mobyou will win 1 million dollars, but if you get the question wrong the people in the mob with split your earnings great game show and bob saget did a really good job
  • Dejavu, it's the bonus round from The Better Sex, done 3 1/3 times.

    That's right, if you remember that short lived 1977 ABC game show & the bonus round that went with it, it's like 1 vs 100.

    (Compared to The Better Sex)

    1 contestant tries to knock off 100 people (6 contestants vs 30 people of the opposite sex), in 12 rounds (6). If the contestant (team) defeats the mob (audience), they win $1,000,000 ($5,000). Otherwise, if they are defeated, the mob (audience) would split the contestants winnings ($500 split).

    It would be something if Bob Saget & a male contestant have to face 100 ladies. Or how about Lori Loughlin & a female contestant face 100 men. Then Fremantle would have a court case & Mark Goodson would be turning over in his grave.
  • I love game shows and this one is one of the best.

    Bob Saget (Danny Tanner from Full House) is a great host for this game show. Then having the mob is great. I loved the first episode. Ken Jennings (74 day champion on Jeopardy) is also 1 of the 100 mobsters. I like the base of the show having it be a trivia gameshow and not all luck like Deal or no Deal is. It reminds me of Holywood Squares a little bit because they are like in their own block and it has a question you need to answeer and in 1 vs 100 you can ask a mobster 2 times and in Hollywood Squares you have to say whether the celbrities answer is right or wrong. So it has the same overall view in a way. Besides that the show is just great and I am going to keep following it and hopefully it sticks around past 5 episodes.
  • A new gameshow that is very entertaing to watch.

    1 vs 100 is a new show on Sunday nights. The host of the show is Bob Saget. I really like the entertaing side of this show with people getting to ask questions or play against the mob who if any of them get a question wrong they will be elimanted though if you get a question wrong you will leave with nothing.

    Too bad though Los Vegas took its place with a great NBC night with Deal Or No Deal then 1 vs 100. Now its 1 vs 100 and Los Veagas which means again NBC runined their Friday night.
  • 1 vs. 100 is a show where one person answers questions and trys to last longer the 100 in the "mob".

    1 vs. 100 is a decent show. However it seems too familiar to deal or no deal. Yes I know that it is from the same producers, but the set seems to similar. Also the trivia seems easy at random intervals. Like the first question was easy the second one was hard and third easy. I would like to point out how in my review of deal or no deal I had classified it as a “trend-setter”. And I have a feeling that people disagreed with the point. Yet this show proves them wrong. However I liked watching this show recorded on my DVR, as I could fast forward the more boring parts of peoples indecisions. I will continue to watch this show as it is entertaining but still not the best out there. I have a feeling that after a few episodes it will get old and I will loose intrest.
  • I prefer this to Deal or No Deal anyday.

    At first, I wasn\'t sure as to whether I\'d watch this, but when I finally decided to, I found it to be very entertaining. Game shows that make you think are my favorites, one reason I could never get into DOND thing. This one, I found to be very similar to Jeparody (Incidentally, Jeparody legend Ken Jennings is one of \"the mob.\") and tried answering the questions myself.

    I\'d like to see this show for more than the scheduled five weeks. It\'ll bring some color NBC\'s otherwise dull ratings.
  • Pretty good trivia game show.

    I quite liked the premiere of this show so I'll tune in again. Who knows how long before I'm bored with it but I do enjoy trivia. I think I answered every question correctly in the first episode, so either they weren't difficult enough or I'm just really smart.

    Hopefully somewhere down the line in a future episode, a contestant makes it really far into the game and has to go head-to-head with Ken Jennings or something like that. My only real gripe with the show is that the pacing seems really slow. I really can't stand all the chit-chat with the contestants on recent game shows (i.e. Millionaire, Deal Or No Deal). I don't care about their personal lives etc.; I just want to answer more questions.

    Oh, and I give all shows I watch 10s even if I have issues with them. So ignore that if you want.
  • A new game show that at least makes you think -- something I hadn't really expected!

    Okay -- I wasn't ready to like this show. Bob Saget as host. He's okay -- but you don't know which Saget to expect. A take-off on "Millionarie". Would this show really be any good?

    Actually, it is very good. The fact that one individual is competing against 100 adds spice to the mix. Of course, everyone wants the money which can lead to the mob being demanding -- come on go for it. They at least aren't out what the "one" is out if he guesses wrong. For those who haven't seen the show, one person plays against 100 people to see who is smarter. The one person bankrolls money for every member of the mob who misses it. If the person goes for it and misses the question, the mob gets all the moolah.

    The questions themselves remind me of trival pursuit. In fact, I think I had a history class in college that would have prepared me to play this game. I know I had a history class in college that would have prepared me for this show!!! The questions center around what some people would call common knowledge and others would classify as useless knowledge. Regardless, it is popular culture oriented and a good memory definitely helps. Even Kent Jennings from "Jeopardy" fame goofed tonight.

    Overall this show can show you just how much useless information you know and make you feel good about yourself.
  • you can't be deal or no deal!

    you can't be deal or no deal. but everyone trys they never make it.even fox is seeing how good its doing and is trying to make a show like it but come on be original! its not that hard to make a show thats good acts me and ill help u out and im only 14! 1 vs 100 shows like i made it up and the question are not even hard either the producers 11 year old daughter is making the show or they are not very smart and are making questions they can only answers! man if i can asnwer every question except a few right they need too get harder or the mob ain't never ganna get money!
  • This is a pretty good game show.

    I thought this was a good game show. I liked the way the contestant is competing against "The Mob" The one problem I think this show has, same problem as Deal or No Deal, I really doubt that anyone will go all the way for the $1,000,000. It's too difficult and if you answer 1 question wrong you lose everything. It should have a bonuses for knocking out certain percentages of the mob that you keep no matter what. Then I think contestants would keep going. Other than that I like the format. I think it was great that they brought in Ken Jennings for the first Mob, I can't wait to see who else they end up bringing in. The show definitely could be better, but it's entertaining and interesting.
  • Not a bad show, but there is really not much to it.

    I grew up on game shows. I loved Sale of the Century, Scrabble, Concentration, Price is Right, and I still watch Jeopardy. Who Wants to Be A Millionaire was a breath of fresh air, and it was no surprise that the many band wagon shows that appeared soon after didn't stick around very long.

    A few years after the game show boom, 1 Vs. 100 appeared, and I was eager to give it a try. But, I am sorry to say the show just left me pretty flat. It is not that it is a bad shoe, but it just feels lifeless. Throwing in a semi-celebrity like Ken Jennings isn't enough to make it more than a simple question and answer show. The show doesn't really create a heavy amount of drama. I love a game show that can get me yelling at the contestants, and 1 Vs. 100 just doesn't give me that kind of thrill.
  • Better than that "Deal or No Deal" crap.

    1 vs 100 requires a thing that Deal severely lacks, a functioning brain. I am kinda reminded of "Millionare" by 100 and having the Mob is an interesting twist, better than picking Breifcases though. And unlike Howie Mandell, Bob Saget is a <u>FUNNY</u> Comedian. But all you really need to do is answer questions and leave when you have enough money.
  • That take 15 minutes ask one question! enough said

    1 vs. 100 is not a good show for one: It takes fifteen minutes to ask 1 question, 2: Bob Saget is not a good host, 3: The show is just going down hill. Deal or No Deal is way better, I don't know why people think it is better than it. Do not tune in because it is a waste of time. It would be better if maybe it took less time to ask a question and maybe more than once week on tv. I gave the show a 3.4 because the only thing i like about is probably answering the questions just to see if i'm right. But please if you think this is good fine but if you haven't tried it knock it.
  • ...a lot of shows have the "DEAL or NO DEAL" thing in it...

    It just started so that always is a downside, everybody thinks oh it's such a copy of Deal or No Deal but what show isn't, I mean a lot of shows have the "DEAL or NO DEAL" thing in it! It's like in movies, if one person does one horse movie, than another will do the same with a little different stuff to it... So anyway, I think it's still a good show to watch, not "GREAT", but there are diffrences and ALSO there are questions, 'real' question not 'deal or no deal!
  • Takes way way way to long answer a simple question.

    T h i s s h o w w o u l d b e a l o t b e t t e r i f t he y a s k e d q u e s t i o n s t h a t a c t u a l l y r e q u i r e d s o m e t h o u g h t. T H e y also need to get rid Bob Saget. That guy isn't even f u n n y his audience gives him pitty laughs.
  • Very easy questions

    All of the questions are easy. Even me, a 15 year old that sits on her butt all day going on the computer and watching TV knows these questions. I knew all of them. That Roman Numeral question was so easy.....I know some people aren't exposed to TV or anything where they can pick up some pop culture knowledge, or some people don't read that many books, but without reading books or wathcing tv, your basic knowledge could probably answer these oh-so hard questions. I played the online game on the website and won the fake 1,000,000 dollars. This is overall a good progam, but they need to get harder questions. Maybe somehow viewers can email questions, that would be cool.

    I love watching game shows and when I saw previews of this show my main concern was Bob being the host and my fears came true I don't think he is the right host for game. He doesn't conect to the contestants and I find his humor very dry and not funny. Host are suppose to move show along. This show does not move fast enough for a trivia game. I feel they are trying to make a big build up, like on deal Or No Deal when the the deal get high or their a few cases left to open. I have given this show 4 weeks and I can't say that its one that I will rush home to watch. It just doesn't do it for me.
  • Although I like the fact that Bob Saget is hosting it, the show has Deal or No Deal written all over it.

    Ok, I'm not saying that this is a bad show at all. I like games that tests a person's intelligence for money. However, this show is setup EXACTLY like Deal or No Deal. For one, like on Deal oor No Deal, you have to push a button to make your final decision. Also, like Deal or No Deal, this show has "The Mob" lined up like the suitcases would be on Deal or No Deal. Thw worst part are the intermission game. Now tell me that isn't ripped off from Deal or no Deal. I wouldn't be surpriseed if these two shows were in the same studio with each other. However, this is definently something towatch on a Weekday when there's nothing on and of course the part about the testing people's intelligence for money, even though all in all, that bit is unoriginal.
  • This show is a good version of a good trivia game show good example of a good game show but the studio is boring. Bob Saget I like and don't like his performance on America's Funniest Home Videos. I like the new episodes on "afv" better.

    Well let's change the subject, about 1 vs 100 I like this game show and I like the host and I do not like the studio. If any viewers like 1 vs 100 email why you like or don't like this show. How come every contestant looks like the other contestant.
  • it's an alright show when I catch it, as long as they don't have him do cheesy jokes, or do his regular act which would be dirty jokes.

    This show has potential sure it's not orignal, and not as easy to get into as Deal or no Deal, but it's a decent show. I'm not sure how long it will survive, because Friday night's seem like the kiss of deaths for shows. This started out there, so they may move it later on. It's interesting to see them knock out some of the mob, and the questions are easy at first but some get harder I guess. I think it's fair that they should are easier, because they are going up against 100 people, you have to give them some sort of help. They might be able to make some tweaks, and make this almost as popular as Deal or No Deal.
  • THis one is okay

    The only thing that I dont like about this show is that the questions are very easy pop questions. Why do they have mensa and doctors trying to answer a question about little nemo? I am sure that there are harder questions latter on in the game but by the time they get to them many smart people are eliminated. Also people take the money eventually if I had 200k sitting in front of me knowing that I was about to get to the hard levels I would take the money too. Nobody will ever win the million just like on Deal or no Deal.
  • Was the question written incorrectly or was the answer incorrect. Episode 9, Christmas show, lady wearing orange shirt and she had dark hair was asked about parallel parking Santa's sleigh.

    The question was (paraphrased): What part of Santa's sleigh would be against the curb if Santa were to parallel park the sleigh? The three answers were the back bumper, the driver's side or the passenger's side (not in the correct order).

    The lady answered the passenger side. Dannie Bonnaducci made a remark about this as well because he had the same answer. The "correct" answer read that it was the back bumper.

    I would like to know why the lady answering was incorrect. According to Wikapedia, the passenger's side would be against the curb, NOT the back bumper.


    Should she get another chance? Unless I misunderstood the question, I think she should get another chance.
  • This is why I like game shows because it gets you involved and that's what game shows are all about.

    I think that this show will last a while and I hope it does it kinda reminds me of the rich list on fox I liked that show to cause you really get involved it make you want to participate. and that's what I like about game shows that they make you want to play at home. That's the way every game show should make you feel. Like your a contestant at home. This is the reason we watch game shows to feel like were part of the program. 1 VS 100 really shows that by letting us answer questions and by seeing if we're smarter than the mob. Well that's what I have to say about the show and here is what I though about the 9th episode:
    The show started with Santa and then was followed by the 12 days of Christmas and their interpitation of it which I liked a lot it's my favorite Christmas song. But the questions were defenatly easy especially the one about santa parking his sleigh. I couldn't believe that 54 people from the mob were eliminated with that Q + the contestant that was sad. But hey it made better TV. The only Q I had a problem with was the one about the goose. I forgot to count the goose laying the egg I just counted the chicks LOL.
  • 1VS100=Too Easy

    This is one of the first trivia game shows on a big network that I, a 14 yr old, feel like I can win big money on. The questions are for babies. I like the show because its very original and it has many great guest stars. Do you want the money or the mob? A puzzling question. I don't think anyone has won the million dollars yet but it won't be long. 1 vs 100 is nowhere near as good as Deal or No Deal but its worth watching. NBC has the best game shows ever and I hope they keep it up.
  • Potentially interesting game show. Needs some little twists.

    Bob Saget makes a good game show MC - he's toned down from his America's Funniest Videos days. Saget is certainly a lot easier to watch than the other brand new crop of nighttime game show hosts.

    The questions on this show are too easy - that's my biggest gripe.

    As the game wears on, the "ONE" often falls to the mob out of sheer greed.

    The show is well-paced and pleasant to watch. I think they could add a few twists and turns to the mix - maybe single out more individuals from the "Mob" and tell us who they are or somethng.

    Whatever, it sure beats the overwhelming number of crime dramas.
  • The people are so dumb, it should be a comedy.

    The people are so dumb, it should be a comedy. You got easy questions to answer to win a million dollars. Now I bet your thinking that, "I could win a million dollars just for answering easy questions? How do I sign up!?" You don't. What I beleive is that the contestants are actors. I couldn't believe half of the mob said that you can move up and down on checkers and that a woman would have trouble with a Clue (the board game) question. This show makes me feel smart and makes me feel like a thirteen year old boy could be smarter than adults. HaHaHa. I still think this should go into a comedy catagory.
  • Not jsut another Deal or No Deal. This game pits one person against the "mob" in a test that requires knowledge. The goal is simple, answer all the questions right which will whittle down the number left in the mob. Then you win cash. I liked it.

    What a pleasant surprize. In the January lull of interesting television, I opted to try one episode of this. Frankly, I feared it was another "Deal or No Deal" where luck is everything and expected to hate it. The first round, which is the 1 vs 100 in the "mob", has a simple question (they are all multiple choice) and it is hard to imagine people missing it but some do. The player gets $1000 for each person that missed it, assuming the player gets it correct.

    The remaining members of the mob are able to go on to the next round against the player. The player gets a higher amount per incorrect mob member at each level but the questions are harder and it's more likely that the player will lost it all with a correct answer.

    After a few correct answers, the player can opt to take their winnings and stop. If they miss an answer, the mob members that have answered all correctly to that point, split the pot. The last twist is that the player gets three "helps" .. to use over the course of their entire time on the show. These are in the realm of "ask the mob" or "trust the mob" .. depending on the mob for information.

    Overall this has the ability to make one think. It's not like the classic jeopardy as the beginning questions are really easy. But they do progress and it is enough to keep my interest. Enjoy!
  • 1 vs 100

    Either you will win are they will win. That is the whole piont of this and it is a good piont i like 1 vs 100 it is a good gameshow and Bob Saget is a good gameshow host and it is funny. I like when the MOB wins because that is when something different happens it is a relly good show and relly fun to watch out a of all the NBC gameshows on primetime this and Deal or No Deal are the best I guess that is all i have to say about 1 vs 100 THE END
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