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  • 1 vs 100 could have been good. However, stupid contestants, easy/uninteresting questions, an interesting concept botched in implementation, and a dash of unoriginality mire what could have been a NBC game show more compelling than Deal or No Deal.

    Why is 1 vs 100 so bad? For one, the people on this show are complete idiots. One lady couldn't multiply 15 x 6, and neither could 20 people in the mob. I was flabbergasted to be honest. Other contestants and mob members have been just as stupid on easy questions. It's like watching people get the first question on Millionare wrong over and over and over.

    Secondly, it's plain uninteresting and bit unoriginal. Sure, the 1 vs 100 concept is original, but I didn't feel like it was used to its potential. Then there are the "helps". These are obviously ripped off from Millionare, but badly. One called "trust the mob" should be called "trust a pack of idiots with your money".

    All in all, skip 1 vs 100 unless you're looking for a comedy that makes you want to scream at 101 idiots on the TV.