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  • Cool quiz-show!

    The Australian version of 1 VS 100, hosted by the one and only Eddie Maguire is not that bad a Quiz show. I agree that most of the questions are pretty easy but one thing you have to remember is that none of the contestants have been brave enough to go all the way yet, the questions would be much harder then i think.

    So basically there's one contestant who has to eliminate A mob of 100 people in order to win 1 Million dollar prize money, you have three lifelines( similar to those of Who wants to be a millionaire, a much better quiz show in my opinion.)you get to choose whether you want to play on or take the amount of money you have won But if you get a question wrong the number of people in the mob who got it right share the money in between them.

    Eddie Maguire is a perfect host and i couldn't have thought of a better person to host the show, but maybe it's just me but it's kind of weird seeing him in something other than "The footy show" and 'who wants to be a millionaire".

    An entertaining 1 hour is what 1 Vs 100 is so MAKE SURE you watch it every Monday night From 8:30( check your local guides) on Channel Nine.
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