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  • Season 2 Episode 7: Episode 207

  • Cassandra Whitehead was Miss Houston Teen USA in 2003 and Miss Corpus Christi in 2005. She was also the first contestant to quit America's Next Top Model.

  • Season 2 Episode 5: Episode 205

  • Contestant Robert Macklin was older than the entire mob. A 1 vs. 100 first.

  • The answer to the unanswered "sneak peak" question was in 1978, Neiman-Marcus sold a $600 Monopoly game made entirely of chocolate.

  • A question in this episode asked "Which of the following animals is a source of delicious mutton?" While viewers at one were shown the answer choices, the contestant was given only pictures to help her make her choice. This was the show's first-ever question with pictorial answer-choices. The contestant was forced to use a help, Trust the Mob, to answer the question. The correct answer was A.) Sheep.

  • Season 2 Episode 2: Episode 202

  • Mob Money: This episode's Mob Money question asked "Who is the sidekick to Bruce Wayne's alter ego?" 33 Mob Members did not know that the correct answer was Robin (the superhero being Batman.) Jack C. of Boone, IA was this episode's Mob Money winner.

  • According to TV Guide magazine, Oscar the Grouch, The Tonight Show's Ross the Intern and comic Sommore join the Mob full-time starting with this episode. This marks a change in the rules of the program, in which once a Mob Member got an answer wrong, they were generally off the program.

  • Season 2 Episode 1: Episode 201

  • Battle of the Sexes: In the Battle of the Sexes, the men were two-for-two. Katherine "Katie" Karzola lost to the all-male Mob, and the remaining 39 split $50,000. Jason Luda then defeated all 100 members of the all-female Mob to win one million dollars.

  • Big Winner: Jason Luda, a 21-year-old from San Diego, CA who has never had a girlfriend or even gone on a date in this life before is 1 vs. 100's first million dollar winner. The final question he faced asked which holiday is the biggest when it comes to giving cards. The answer choices were A.) Christmas, B.) Mother's Day and C.) Valentine's Day. After reasoning it out, Jason decided to lock in which A.) Christmas. Before revealing whether this answer was correct, Bob Saget revealed that all fifteen of the remaining members in the all female Mob had answered incorrectly. He then revealed that Jason had indeed chosen the correct answer and was the show's first million dollar winner. Asked for his reaction, Jason commented that it hadn't even really hit him yet.

  • Big Money: This season features a new money ladder and a new mechanism for how the money is won. Gone is the format of the previous season where the only big dollar amount was a million dollars (which nobody won in that season) and the most anyone could win below that was around $200,000 to $300,000. The new dollar ladder is as follows: $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, $25,000, $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 and finally one million dollars. Money is no longer added for each Mob Member eliminated. Instead, a milestone is reached each time ten Mob Members are eliminated. As always, the contestant may choose to take the money instead of the Mob, but only before seeing the next question. If at any time they answer a question incorrectly, the money they've won to that point is split among the remaining Mob Members who answered that question correctly.

  • Mob Money: This feature replaced the "You vs. 100" play-along-at-home mechanism seen in the first season of the show. The objective of this game was for the viewer to choose from three choices how many Mob members got the answer to a particular question wrong. This episode's Mob Money question asked "What color is at the bottom of the traffic light?" The number of Mob members that got it wrong was one of these three choices:

    A.) 19
    B.) 49
    C.) 79

    The correct answer was that 19 Mob members got it wrong. Norma G. of Purhamville, Kentucky was this episode's Mob Money winner.

  • Season 1 Episode 20: Episode 120

  • Throughout the episode, updates on past contestants were provided. They showed how the lives of winners had changed and reflections from players that lost money to the Mob. Raul Torres, who lost $263,000 in Episode Fifteen was given $10,000 to gamble by Dennis Asterna, who was one of five Mob members to claim those winnings. Raul had expressed a desire on the program to live the life of a high-roller. He wagered the money on a single hand of blackjack and won to a dealer bust.

  • This episode's You vs. 100 question was, Butter is one of the many fine products we get from what animal?

    A.) Lobster
    B.) Butterfly
    C.) Cow

    The correct answer was C. Cow. 96 out of 100 Members answered correctly, including all members of the casts of The Apprentice and Grease.

    The winners are:
    Shora S. of St. Petersburg, FL won for the east coast time zone.

    Li-Chang C. of Torrance, CA won for the west coast time zone

  • Season 1 Episode 19: Episode 119

  • It was revealed in this episode that when there are ten or less members of the Mob remaining, the contestant is given a sneak-peek --- an opportunity to see the question, but not the answer choices before deciding with whether to choose "the money or the Mob."

  • Season 1 Episode 18: Episode 118

  • Caroyln Granado used all three helps on one question --- Poll the Mob, Ask the Mob and finally Trust the Mob, a first for the series.

  • Season 1 Episode 15: Episode 115

  • The "You vs. 100" question in this episode asked "On which part of his body did Abe Lincoln wear his stovepipe?" The answer choices were arm, leg and head, which the correct answer being head, as his stovepipe was his tall cap. 95 out of 100 members of the "Last Man Standing" Mob answered correctly, including Sister Rose and Ken Jennings. Rebecca P. of Worden, IL was this week's You vs. 100 home winner.

  • During the "Last Man Standing" portion of the program, the eliminations proceeded as follows:

    - 1st Question - 39 eliminated
    - 2nd Question - 2 eliminated
    - 3rd Question - 32 eliminated
    - 4th Question - 1 eliminated
    - 5th Question - 11 eliminated
    - 6th Question - 10 eliminated
    - 7th Question - 0 eliminated
    - 8th Question - 4 eliminated, leaving only the winner

  • This episode was referred to as 1 vs 100: Last Man Standing during the show, for that portion of the game.

  • Season 1 Episode 12: Episode 112

  • The Mob in this episode included Matthew Lesko, Anthony Sullivan and Fabio, returning from the previous episode. It also still includes reigning Mob champion Ned Andrews, who has now answered over 40 questions correctly. For the second game, five TV judges joined the Mob, including Judge Joe Brown, Judge Alex, Judge Perez and Judge Mablean. Additionally, two real mobsters joined. For the final contestant, six people with genius IQs were added, as well as five Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders and two child stars --- Todd Bridges and Willie Aames.

  • A promo was shown in this episode for upcoming episodes of the program. It revealed that upcoming episodes will feature specialized Mobs. These will include Mobs of all child-geniuses, Mobs of "hated" people such as IRS agents and DMV employees and even an "All-Star" Mob.

  • The You vs. 100 question in this episode asked which holiday does not fall on a Sunday in the U.S. The answer choices were Easter, Father's Day and Thanksgiving, the correct answer being Thanksgiving. Angie F. of Dobson, North Carolina was the You vs. 100 home winner for this episode.

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