10 Grand in Your Hand - Season 2

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Episode Guide

  • Front Yard Facelift
    Front Yard Facelift
    Episode 13
    Kevin and Jean's front porch project has cost them quite a bundle, and taken more time than expected. Can finishing the work themselves save them some cash? Or will it present more challenges they never expected? With deadlines quickly approaching, Kevin scrambles to install new windows and replace the old rear deck.moreless
  • Renovation Rock
    Renovation Rock
    Episode 12
    Renovation Rock is an episode from the show 10 Grand in Your Hand that aired on March 16, 2006. Two members from a punk group, Denise and Christine, want to update and expand their kitchen. With work and band gigs, they must find the time to get the brand new kitchen they want with their modest budget.moreless
  • Fixing Up Foyer
    Fixing Up Foyer
    Episode 11
    In this episode, homeowner George discovers he has big problems when he tries to renovate his living room. Not only is a good portion of his home not supported properly, but the windows in the front of the home are not correctly framed either. He has to strip the entire area down to just the studs and relies on his family and friends to get the project done.moreless
  • The Tale of Two Toilets
    The Tale of Two Toilets is an episode from the show 10 Grand in Your Hand that aired on February 23, 2006 on the DIY Network. Tony and Erika are a couple who want to renovate their upstairs. However, having two bathrooms means double the prices for plumbing. The two decide to take on the job themselves, but can they agree on how to renovate?moreless
  • Good Room to Great Room
    Good Room to Great Room from 10 Grand in Your Hand has a young couple with twins planning to enhance their home with a great room for the growing family. A load bearing wall will be knocked down with the help of a professional. The couple hopes to save money by redoing their fireplace facade, installing flooring, and adding a new entertainment speaker system on their own.moreless
  • Flowered to Fabulous
    Flowered to Fabulous features a young couple who purchase a home at an estate sale, realizing the home will need work due to its age. The current kitchen features cabinets with flower decals that are literally falling off their hinges. The couple hopes to save money through doing their own demolition on the kitchen, and installing the new cabinets on their own. Along with the cabinet replacement the couple installs new tile floor by themselves.moreless
  • More to Store
    More to Store
    Episode 7
    More to Store features homeowners Lynn and Rolf fixing up their totally pink kitchen. They are looking for a remodel that will take away the pink color, and add storage for their family. Savvy shopping and working with money saving tips from their contractor, the family is able to get what they are looking for. New cabinets, windows, and hardwood floors are installed for the new kitchen.moreless
  • Porch Palace
    Porch Palace
    Episode 6
    Jeff and Elizabeth are determined to create a fantastic new patio and lounge area outside their new suburban home, but with costs higher than they expected, is it possible? Doing most of the work themselves helps the couple save money, but added delays and problems could prove to be too much to handle.moreless
  • Basement Build-Out
    Basement Build-Out
    Episode 5
    Remodeling their unfinished basement has proved to be quit a chore for newlyweds Pete and Jillian. Uneven floors and unforeseen obstacles are raising the budget every day. Can DIY projects like doing the fireplace and floors on their own cut down on costs, or is their basement doomed to remaining unfinished?moreless
  • Second Story Glory
    Second Story Glory
    Episode 4
    Jim and Karen need a home office, so they are switching out their screened in porch for an office with an upstairs roof deck. The couple goes to work creating a custom bar and installing their own floors. Can a little bit of elbow grease and Jim's handiness with the construction save them enough?moreless
  • Firehouse Fixes
    Firehouse Fixes
    Episode 3
    In this episode, an old firehouse gets turned into a family home for Tom and Clara. As work consumes most of their hours, this couple struggles with DIY projects like gutting the kitchen and laying flooring. In the end, will all the stress be worth it, or will they go over the budget?moreless
  • Daunting Dormer
    Daunting Dormer
    Episode 2
    Space is tight for Donna, Toni and their 3 year old twin boys. Their best option is adding a second story dormer to their home, adding three new bedrooms and a bath. Laying flooring and framing are the least of their worries in this episode. Will unexpected expenses cost them the 10 grand they were trying to save?moreless
  • Apartment Alterations
    Ariana has just moved from the country to NYC and is on a tight budget. After having some bad experiences with contractors, she takes matters into her own hands. A kitchen remodel, new hardwood flooring and plenty of smaller projects turn her Upper Westside apartment from shabby to chic, without breaking the bank.moreless