10 Grand in Your Hand - Season 3

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Episode Guide

  • Poolside Savings
    Poolside Savings
    Episode 13
    Poolside Savings is a season 3 episode from the DIY Network show 10 Grand in Your Hand. It aired on September 1, 2006. Daniel wants to give his wife an in-ground pool, and the two have to finish the outdoor renovation on their own. With host John DeSilvia's help and saving tips, they just might finish the pool and have money left over for a new project.moreless
  • Side Swap
    Side Swap
    Episode 12
    Mary Ellen and Jim have decided to do a very expensive home renovation that includes vaulting ceilings in their living room and moving their kitchen from one side of the house to the other. Thankfully, Mary Ellen and Jim have enlisted the help of John DeSilvia to help them complete the project on time and within budget.moreless
  • From Beat to Suite
    From Beat to Suite
    Episode 11
    In this episode, new homeowners Christine and Anthony Brand try to finish renovations on their recently purchased foreclosed home. Since the plumbing and electrical were already completed, it is up to them to add lighting fixtures, make a new closet and fix the fireplace with help from host John DeSilvia.
  • Lakeside Luxury
    Lakeside Luxury
    Episode 10
    Lisa and Chris have neglected the kitchen in their home for a long time. However, now that Lisa has a new career and the couple is planning to start a family, the project has become a priority. Together, with host John DeSilvia, the couple finally gets around to updating their dated kitchen.moreless
  • Corsano's Construction
    In this episode, Joe Corsano, host of the show Mom's Cooking, is trying to renovate his basement. John Desilvia tries to help his longtime friend with the repairs. This isn't an easy task as there are many projects to undertake including fixing a bathroom, leaky ceiling and turning a space into a playroom before the birth of Corsano's second child.moreless
  • Kitchen Mission
    Kitchen Mission
    Episode 8
    In this episode, John DeSilvia helps homeowners Damon and Faye Finaldi find ways to save money on a kitchen renovation by doing the work themselves. They are on a time crunch to get it all done before the birth of their second child. The stress of getting ready to have a new baby and doing all the home renovations without outside help may prove to be more than the couple can handle.moreless
  • Three Room and a Baby
    In this episode, Francesca and Jeffrey Goldberg try to create a space for their baby to sleep by remodeling their unused basement. They plan on adding a bathroom and window to the new room. Jeffrey also has several other home improvement projects that he tries to complete before his wife gives birth to their new son.moreless
  • Kitchen Completes It
    Harold and Sandy have been renovating their home for five years, and it has definitely taken its toll, leaving a tight budget for their next project, the kitchen. John DeSilvia's tips and a DIY attitude could save them a bundle, so the family can finally have the kitchen they always wanted.moreless
  • Bigger Better Bathroom
    Scot and Lynn Lish are updating their master bathroom, but are trying to stay within budget. Installing the tile, floors and fixtures themselves could help save money. Will they follow John DeSilvia's tips and save cash? Or will their extravagant tastes push them above and beyond what they wanted to spend?moreless
  • Taking Back Bedroom
    Joseph and Christine are changing their upstairs from a full apartment to a master bedroom suite. A bathroom extension and new walk in closets are all in the plans. Will following John DeSilva's tips help them save money so they can afford their Jacuzzi tub? OR will they go over budget?moreless
  • Budget Bedroom
    Budget Bedroom
    Episode 3
    In this episode, homeowner James Bastian has a lot on his plate. Not only has he installed a complete kitchen on the first floor of his home, but his is now trying to make the old kitchen on the second floor into an entire master suite. Host John DeSilvia tries to help this homeowner complete the project and not shell out any more money than he has too.moreless
  • Budget Bathroom
    Budget Bathroom
    Episode 2
    Budget Bathroom is an episode from DIY Network's show 10 Grand in Your Hand. It aired on May 11, 2006. Wanting to get rid of their tiny little shower in their master bathroom, Billy and Kathy just decide to renovate the whole bathroom. With a small budget, can the two achieve the high-end look they want?moreless
  • The Kitchen That Won't Stop Talking
    Featured homeowners Rob Fery and Jessica Yablow are finally changing their kitchen to one of their dreams. Windows, doors, and walls are removed and replaced to give the kitchen a new flow and feel. The couple gets help from the host and are taking a week off from work to complete the project. The question remains as to how this time spent together will affect their relationship.moreless