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  • So easy to watch a Caveman could do it!

    On The Ignorance Equation's "Quick Draw" weekend it's an episode so easy to listen to even a Caveman can do it! This week from Quick Draw, Jail Bait, 10 Items or less and Love Club, the originall Geico Caveman- The Super Talented and Funny Comedian John Lehr returns to talk about Comedy, Politics, Life, Love and Everythng in between! Also, Cecily McMillan stops in with an "Occupy Update". So tune in Sunday for all the Western-Style Comedy we can Giddy-Up into your Pioneering Ear Holes! 7314713
  • Hmmmm

    Well it seems you love or hate this show, not me. It was all right. Just that. It wasn't, by far, the worst I've seen or the best. I laughed, I rolled my eyes, I skipped some. Overall it's better than some scripted TV and for that I gave it 6 rather than 5 stars. I have respect for improve.
  • This show totally took me by surprise. I didn't expect an original show from TBS to be so entertaining, silly and fun. Great characters . . .

    I'm not a fan of TBS, rarely if ever do I watch the channel since it usually has syndicated shows I have already seen -- or -- they are showing one of their made-for-TV movies. But, I found myself surfing around on Hulu and I stumbled upon this show - now I'm hooked.

    At times the show's humor reminds me of a cross between Arrested Development, My Name is Earl and The Office -- if you enjoy any of those three shows mentioned . . . you need to give this show a try.

    There's a little bit of uncomfortable situational comedy mixed with witty banter and insanity. It not the typical laugh-tracked shlocky show with weak punchlines. The cast is great and the writing is well above par for a program being produced on a cable network.

    I hope this is show continues with a 4th season and gets more public recognition. It deserves to be seen . . .
  • Might not be for everyone....

    ...but it's definitely one of my favorite shows.
    I got the first and second seasons on DVD from Blockbuster.com and laughed my a** off :) I like this type of humor and it's originality, for me it's a real treat! I wanna see more new shows :) I wish that TV.com would update their database with more current information on that show...since they do such a good job with some other shows... Leslie, Carl and Yolanda are my favorite characters, I also liked Amy but think that Mercy is doing even better job as her replacement. I wish this show will get more exposure because I think alot of people don't even know about it.
  • Another one of these TBS Original Unfunny Shows

    This show is completely supported by TBS since they show commercials for this tripe 100's of times a day and all that publicity has paid off, I certainly want to storm the TBS Offices and bash in their heads for shoving this show down my throat. Since it was stuck down past my tonsils I decided to watch it. As a former Grocery Clerk I don't mind seeing shows based on the work lifestyle but then I watched 10 Items or Less. This is the Worst show since that horrible War At Home show on Fox. The characters are blatantly stupid, ignorant and oblivious. Cocaine and writing does not always make for a winning combination but when coupled with stupid TBS Executives and Programmers it makes for a pile of crap like this terrible excuse for a sitcom. Hopefully TBS will cancel this crap and show another 30 repeats of Home Improvement in it's place. This show is not worth watching even for a second or it will make you enraged enough to smack Ted Turner for letting his network show this garbage. "TBS Very Funny", to WHO?
  • show sucks

    10 Items Or Less stars John Lehr (Memron) as a struggling New York City businessman who moves home to take over the family supermarket following the death of his father. This scripted and improvised half-hour comedy series comes from the creators of the mockumentary Memron. The show is set in the fictional supermarket known as Greens & Grains which is 'located' at 5th Street and Tiberius.
  • perfect show.

    excellent show.my favorite shoe actually.im in love with it.it cracks me up everytime.jeezz i really hope. that their is another season.i think i would probably die if there wasnt.Well TBS should broadcast more of 10 items or less.I just love John lehr and Chris Payne Gilbert.Very good actors and very funny. Same with Christopher liam moore. well to all the \"10 items or less\" fans your awesome. and know comedy.love..PR.
  • Could use some work.

    I've only seen a couple of episodes. I never realized it was on because it's at wierd times. Usually I wasn't staying up that late so I never saw it. But I did catch it the other week when they were doing the episode based on what they do on survivor, so they can decide who stays and who goes. I thought that was really funny. I love Leslie because he's such an offbeat character. Misunderstood I think. Doesn't look like he has any friends except for the ones he thinks he has at the store. But I thought it was funny when Leslie goes to get Todd back from Super Value Mart after he got him the job there. The outfit that they made Todd wear was funny. Then the other episode that I saw was the one where Leslie and Ingrid end up going on that date, and they ended up making out in the car. That one was an ok episode. But it did make me kind of mad that they made out since Ingrid supposedly likes Todd. He tries to ask her out, but since she's so conflicted she makes him feel like he really isn't ready to ask her out so he changes his mind. But I guess he can't say to much since he made out with Yolanda.

    However, I would like to see another episode or two to decide. I kind of like it but then it's not what I expected. I think it could be a good series if they liven up the material a little bit more. Their trying to be more like other shows when they could have something great if they fine tune the writing a little better.
  • PERFECT SHOW!!! I love it!

    This show is perfect. I am a manager at a grocery store and can relate to everything that is being said and also done. Everything that is on the show is what happens in a store. I am in tears from laughing because I have seen it all at the store level and can really understand the show. GREAT SHOW! Everone that works in a grocery store needs to watch!
  • Ive only seen two episodes, but i think its really funny. Hope it sticks around for awhile.

    Ive only seen two episodes, but i think its really funny. Hope it sticks around for awhile. I usually dont tune into these kind of shows. But it was on right after Family Guy so i decided to watch it, and i thought it was really good. Really funny. Its got alot of diffrent things going on, so it keeps you entertained. Its got a funny cast, and all of them go real well with their characters and parts. I hope it does well and we get alot of new episodes and a couple seasons. And i cant wait till next week to see the next episode.
  • Great Show! So funny and different, it\'s worth a shot on your tivo for sure....

    I really liked this show. The characters are really funny and they have great chemistry. I read it\'s an improvised show, and you can tell the actors are really having fun with each other. The first episode was really good, especially the scene where the Puerto Rican produce lady Yolanda tells the dorky stock boy that he\'s the father of her baby. I also like the flirtation between the shy blonde girl and the hottie butcher and the competitive relationship between the cashier and the bagger. If properly developed, these characters could turn into living, breathing people who we can all relate to and have fun with. I hope the rest of the show is as funny as the premiere, and I think it will continue to get better and funnier!
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