10 Items Or Less

TBS (ended 2009)


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  • This show totally took me by surprise. I didn't expect an original show from TBS to be so entertaining, silly and fun. Great characters . . .

    I'm not a fan of TBS, rarely if ever do I watch the channel since it usually has syndicated shows I have already seen -- or -- they are showing one of their made-for-TV movies. But, I found myself surfing around on Hulu and I stumbled upon this show - now I'm hooked.

    At times the show's humor reminds me of a cross between Arrested Development, My Name is Earl and The Office -- if you enjoy any of those three shows mentioned . . . you need to give this show a try.

    There's a little bit of uncomfortable situational comedy mixed with witty banter and insanity. It not the typical laugh-tracked shlocky show with weak punchlines. The cast is great and the writing is well above par for a program being produced on a cable network.

    I hope this is show continues with a 4th season and gets more public recognition. It deserves to be seen . . .