10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 19

Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 24, 2010 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

At school, Kat and Patrick ignore each other as they walk through the halls. Bianca misses Joey who left for "Biggest Poser" two days ago. Bianca wants to talk to Joey but apparently there's only one phone in the model house and the girls are pretty much holding that down. Bianca suggests that Kat should call Patrick about the other night. Then the girls find out that Ms. Tharp and Walter are dating.

At home, Kat and Bianca continue the conversation about their dad's relationship. Kat wants to support the relationship, while Bianca doesn't really want to. Walter comes home and explains that he is dating Ms. Tharp. Walter explains how excited he is over the new dating situation. Kat and eventually Bianca agree that Walter dating Ms. Tharp is okay. The next day, Kat tries to distract herself with meditation but Kat sees Patrick talking to a girl near the school. Kat wants to sign up for a trip to Nepal. Bianca gets a call from Joey. She updates him on her dad dating Ms. Tharp. Joey tries to explain it will be okay, but gets cut off by girls at the model house.

Meanwhile, Patrick catches Cameron slipping a poem inside Dawn's locker. Patrick notices Kat from across the hall and may have got a hint from Cameron's letter idea. Later that night, Ms. Tharp is over and Bianca tries to play nice. Kat asks Walter if she can go to Nepal to help build a school for 3 months to get away from everything. Walter isn't buying it. It's the perfect trip for someone else's daughter he says. But Ms. Tharp actually chimes in and says the program is actually very highly regarded. Ms. Tharp divulges that she's been engaged 4 times but never married. Bianca probes further but only gets resistance, then yells from Kat and Walter. Joey attempts to call Bianca on her cell phone but Walter dismisses the call because it's interrupting dinner. Upstairs, Bianca really does miss Joey and Ms. Tharp attempts to talk to her. They hit it off and end up heading out shopping together. Ms. Tharp's like the mother Bianca has been missing for all these years. They even head to a photo booth and get pictures taken.

Walter is still not budging on Kat's Nepal trip. Kat does eventually convince him to change his mind. Kat is excited. Bianca gets another call in class from Joey, but the teacher confiscates it. Kat beams as she walks through the school doors. She finds Patrick and says she's leaving for 3 months. Patrick doesn't show any concern but listens to Cameron and Dawn talking about the poem that Cameron wrote for her. Patrick clearly has some sort of feelings for Kat as seen by his deep contemplation. At the Nepal trip meeting, Kat finds out that traveling and staying in Nepal isn't going to be so great. Bianca tries to get Ms. Tharp to get her cell phone back. However, in the office, Ms. Tharp is a school counselor and she has to support the teacher's decision. Bianca is upset and storms out of the office. At home, Bianca argues with Walter about dating Ms. Tharp. She tells him to stop dating Ms. Tharp.

The next day, Kat finds out the meditation leader isn't actually going to Nepal. Patrick catches up to Kat and gives her something: an earring that Kat left in Keith's van. Patrick says to have a great trip as well but not much more. Meanwhile, Bianca tries to catch up with Joey again on the phone. This time, when she can talk, she ends the call prematurely. Bianca notices her dad on the couch, binging. Bianca reverses her decision: Walter can date Ms. Tharp. Outside, Kat is practicing sleeping in her tent for Nepal. Bianca comes out to say hi to her and says Kat is brave for doing this. Kat all of a sudden breaks down, saying Patrick did not try to stop her amidst tears. Bianca says she's stopping Kat – she needs Kat here.
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