10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 17, 2010 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Walter talks to Ms. Tharpe on the phone. It appears he's found a new relationship. Bianca announces that she's accomplished several short-term goals in her "goal book". The next goal is to host a dinner at her house worthy of awards, so she asks Walter so he can plan to not be there. Perfect, because he's already got a date planned with Ms. Tharpe. Patrick and Kat, meanwhile, are very close to sexual encounters in her car. Kat stops and says they need to get checked out first. Kat and Patrick plan a special evening for Saturday night. But Bianca then informs Kat that she's chaperoning her dinner that night. Kat's so hazily in love that she politely says she has plans and can't do it. They walk past Dawn and Cameron who are once again making-out.

Next, Michael passes by. Michael knows about him and Dawn. Cameron suggests he and Michael play video games on Saturday, but Michael says he has to tell Cameron something. Bianca continues planning the dinner with Joey, inviting Dawn, Cameron, Chastity and her plus one. Joey gets a text from his mom that he's been invited for the "Biggest Poser" casting call. Bianca will for sure be there with him for the audition. At the STD clinic, Patrick confesses that the music is making him hot. Kat thinks they might have a CD available. They fill out their questionnaires. Kat has previously had sex with one partner, but wants to sneak a peak at Patrick's answer. Patrick catches her and makes up a number like 311. He keeps the chart to himself as he heads into the test room.

Cameron realizes he's double booked for Saturday night – the first time in his life. He asks Chastity to take Michael to the dinner. Cameron says that Michael's whole dream in life is to be popular, so Chastity could help him meet that goal. Chastity agrees but she's going to pick up Michael herself. At the auditions, Joey practices his face moves while Bianca rambles on about the dinner. Joey heads into the audition taking photos. Suddenly, Joey has lost all his clothes and the photographer asks another girl with a bathing suit to jump into the shot with him. Back at the clinic, Kat gets her results and waits a bit longer for Patrick. They leave and head home. On Saturday, Kat's preparing herself. Bianca comes into the bathroom dressed up for the dinner. Bianca gets the impression from the way Kat is behaving that she's going to do something special with Patrick tonight. Bianca says Kat is a hypocrite. She even knows that Kat was her age when she had sex with her previous boyfriend Josh. Kat says that her diary didn't contain what happened next – he never called her again.

Bianca heads downstairs. Joey is awaiting a call from the producers of "Biggest Poser". Cameron and Dawn arrive. Patrick picks Kat up in Keith's van and they head to the back of it parked on a hillside. The back of it is completely tricked out with drapes, lights, and blankets. Michael and Chastity arrive at the dinner party. Michael confesses that he's gay so he doesn't want her to say anything or make it awkward at the dinner. Chastity says she can keep a secret, but she tells both Dawn and Bianca once inside. Michael struggles with telling Cameron inside, but doesn't bring it up directly. Ms. Tharpe and Walter are seen on their dinner date. They psychologically over-analyze their actions but agree they should give their relationship a shot. The dinner party continues. The meat ends up burning because Joey takes a phone call and doesn't keep watch. Joey gets the call that he's on the show and that he leaves tomorrow. Bianca, holding her burnt dish isn't so happy.

Back to Kat and Patrick in the van. Things go awry which was unexpected but Kat misinterprets what Patrick says. Patrick tries to calm Kat down. But Kat is upset and asks to be driven home. Patrick knows not to argue. Everyone at the dinner celebrates Joey getting the part on the show. Bianca is clearly upset though and runs off. Joey runs after her, leaving the other four at the couch. Michael comes out to Cameron right then and there; there was no better way to do it. Upstairs, Bianca confesses that she's scared things might change. Joey says he loves Bianca and that this won't change (but his address will). Michael confronts Cameron alone a bit later. Cameron is still processing things but agrees some of the signs were there. They come together; Cameron has no problem with it he says. Friends they will remain. Later, Bianca is happy because Joey said he loves her. Kat says that's great and she didn't even have to sleep with him. She divulges the fight between her and Patrick and that she thinks it's over. She pretends everything is fine, but clearly Kat is very upset.
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