10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 11

Da Repercussions

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 29, 2010 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

There is an extensive recap that recounts how Kat and Patrick got suspended. The episode picks up right after the incident with Bianca calling Kat from a deserted parking lot. She fakes getting a request from a creepy man to drive her home. Joey shows up but Bianca says they can't be seen together – they have to keep their relationship a secret. That means finding the tape of them kissing before Chastity can see it and possibly dismembering Bianca. Chastity offers Bianca a ride home. The scene cuts to Patrick and Kat at the beach. Kat feels liberated and like she really stuck-it-to-the-man and Patrick kisses Kat. Soon after, she realizes that her dad is going to kill her and is now scared about what's going to happen.

Walter already knows about the suspension when he comes home from work. Kat argues that she was protecting the rights of some kid (Patrick). Walter gives Kat a brush – her consequence on top of being suspended will be to paint the living room. Bianca is assembling a huge list of "suspects" – all blonde and skinny that will hopefully overwhelm Chastity. At school the next day, Cameron tells Michael that he told Bianca off. Cameron now wants to apologize because he feels bad, but Michael changes his mind. They actually bump into Bianca, with Cameron playing tough. Chastity needs Bianca to get into the A/V closet to get the videotape. Cameron is a part of the A/V club so he will have access and asks Bianca to work her magic.

Meanwhile, at home, Kat is painting when Patrick pops by. Patrick says he can help – it's the least he can do since Kat got suspended for him, he says. But Kat says she can't fool around because she has to study for an English test that she will miss today. Patrick says she will get zero if you miss tests because of suspensions. Kat is shocked because now this could really affect her GPA. Now she won't get into Brown she says. Patrick suggests breaking INTO school to take the test. So they head to school and towards a van where some of the druggie kids are smoking. Patrick says he needs passage into the school. One of the kids has an iPhone application that shows which passages are clear.

Inside the school, Bianca and Joey meet in a janitor closet. Bianca wants Joey to steal the A/V closet keys from Cameron. Cameron has gym next period, so Joey should be able to get the keys from Cameron's pants. Kat and Patrick are seen sneaking through the halls. They avoid the security guy that has seen Kat before. They run into the janitor closet and bump into Bianca and Joey. Joey introduces himself, saying they should double date but Bianca reminds him that they are dating in secret! After arguing with Bianca for a minute, Kat heads to class to take her test trying to keep a low profile. Joey tries to steal Cameron's keys, but Cameron is still there and catches him. Joey confesses that he needs the keys to destroy the tape in the A/V closet with Bianca and him kisses. But Cameron is now even more infuriated. Joey says Cameron could really help by getting the tape himself – Cameron sarcastically agrees, but Joey thinks he's going to do it for real.

Now Kat sneaks out of class, meets with Patrick, and continue down the hall. But they run into trouble and Kat bumps into Principal Holland. Bianca learns that Joey told Cameron about them dating. Also Chastity comes by with the tape and a video camera – Cameron has already given it to her. Bianca tries to explain the situation, but the tape then goes awry – it has already been erased by Cameron. Bianca asks why Chastity cares so much and although Chastity feels embarrassed by the fact that Joey moved on so fast, Bianca empowers her that it shouldn't matter to her. She's the most popular girl in the school so she shouldn't even care. Principal Holland asks why Kat did this. Walter also shows up but defends Kat as she was only trying to get a good grade. Walter really gets upset and defends Kat but Patrick is also brought in and Principle Holland explains that this is the poor, defenseless kid that Kat was helping.

Bianca thanks Cameron who is still upset with her. Cameron leaves angrily and Chastity shows up. Bianca explains she was the one who kissed Joey. Outside, Kat thanks her dad, but Walter is upset at Kat for lying and leaves before she can explain. Just then, Bianca appears with frozen yogurt spilled all over her head and asks Kat for a drive home quickly. They girls drive home as Chastity vows continued revenge.