10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 8

Dance Little Sister

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 25, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Dawn and Bianca talk about potential dates for the upcoming Fall Fling dance. Bianca wants to go with Beau, the captain of the soccer team. Dawn notes that Beau looks like he may ask Bianca out. Joey asks Bianca for Beau and the double date with Chastity and Joey is on. But she needs a ride and Kat is not ready to give in. Bianca has no choice but to run over to Patrick and tell him that he needs to take Kat to the dance. Bianca explains her father's rule that he won't let Bianca date until Kat does.

Patrick gives in and Kat is surprised. But she isn't exactly happy about the situation. Meanwhile, Joey tells Beau that he's not able to go to the dance because Chastity needs some dental work done. Beau lied about being shy to Bianca and Joey doesn't like that. Cameron overhears that Beau is planning to make a move on Bianca and is overheard booking a hotel room. Cameron confronts Bianca with his concern. Cameron suggests taking him instead of Beau. But Bianca isn't that interested. Meanwhile, on the night of the dance, Walter is checking dresses for transparency and length. Kat comes down without a dress, but Bianca objects and gets Kat ready for the dance.

Patrick shows up, right on time. Kat's nervous; she wants to save Patrick from the wrath of Walter. Bianca remains upstairs waiting for Beau to arrive. Kat descends and Walter is showing Patrick the birth of a baby to dispel any ideas of sexual intentions on this evening. Bianca continues waiting and waiting but it seems Bianca has been stood up. Bianca calls Cameron who quickly passes by and takes Bianca to the dance for revenge. Patrick and Kat show up, mocking the dance and the people there. A slow dance song starts and Patrick suggests they dance. Patrick plays on Kat telling her she can't dance, making Kat pull him to the dance floor. Bianca and Cameron arrive as well and Bianca thanks Cameron for coming. The song ends and they can't take the fast dancing so they head for the punch table. Cameron shows off his dance moves to Bianca, which are less than spectacular.

Kat and Patrick are miming voices of couples. Kat says thanks for saving the records from her house. In the last episode, Patrick brought records to the school - they were actually Kat's mother's records from her house. Patrick and Kat start really connecting and Patrick suggests heading out to the beach. Kat's actually liking Patrick and Patrick seems to really like Kat as well. Another slow song gets Cameron and Bianca into an embrace. Finally, Beau comes up to her and explains some kids let out the air in his tires and they took his phone. But it rings from Cameron's pocket! Cameron was behind Beau's lateness all along and Bianca is very upset. Bianca says she can't trust Cameron.

In the boy's washroom, Patrick gets caught with another student who is holding marijuana. Patrick hasn't done anything wrong, but the security officers take him away, leaving Kat "stood up" at the end of the dance. Kat is obviously upset, but doesn't know about Patrick being removed by security. After the dance, Bianca instructs Beau to take her home, not to the hotel room. Kat is already home in bed – both girls have had quite a disappointing night with boys. The sisters fall asleep in Kat's bed.