10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 5

Don't Give Up

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 04, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • Enjoyable.

    Cameron shows up wet & shirtless to Bianca's house, I thought that was hysterical! Especially when Joey answered the door. I like how Joey wanted to dream, and Bianca was encouraging him. The Dream Book was a great plot. Then Bianca picked both ways, she impressed Chastity, without hurting Joey. Kat fixing teh car was also enjoyable to watch. Then it finally works in the end, after Patrick and the boys have been making fun of her! That was great. Well she got some help with a little help from her dad. Sucks for Cameron that Bianca thinks he is gay Oh well, can't wait for the next episode!
  • Season 1, Episode 5

    This show is defintely great and its really addicting. All the characters are great and have great chemistry together. This episode explored more of Parick and Kat, Cameron and Bianca, and defintely explored Joey more. I love how Kat tried to make her car into a bio-diesel and Patrick was in the body shop too, it was kind of predictable i mean obviously Patrick was going to be there. lol. I loved how all the guys were betting against Kat that she couldn't do it and give up. It was great when she didn't give up and really did make her car into a bio diesel car. I love the Bianca - Joey - Chastity storyline this episode. Great Episode