10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 12

Don't Trust Me

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 05, 2010 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Bianca is opening a can of cream corn to pour into the toilet in a scheme to fake sick and avoid school. Walter comes down and says that Kat has lost her driving privileges so he's going to have to drive Bianca to school. Kat says she's taking the bus, but Walter gives her the silent treatment. Walter wants Kat to stop seeing Patrick. Kat refuses but then Walter compromises asking Kat to invite Patrick over for dinner so at least Walter can get to know Patrick better.

Joey says it's been a whole weekend since Chastity threw the yogurt on Bianca; she's probably over it by now. Chastity walks in with some of the cheerleading girls – all of them give evil, glaring stares to Bianca as they pass by (in a single-file line for some reason). Cameron watches all of this from the second floor balcony. Kat finds Cameron and says he's Mr. Dependable for the yearbook's "superlatives" section. Cameron immediately hates this. But Kat also shouts out to the girl who's been named Miss Dependable and Cameron immediately likes what he sees (that is, she's beautiful). There is a photoshoot for them coming up so Cameron is excited. The cheerleaders explain to Bianca that she broke the "girl code". Dawn (who we know is pretty close to Bianca) tries to make them let up, saying they should just be friends again.

Chastity says she'll let her be friends with the cheerleaders again if she breaks up with Joey. Kat finds Mandella and says hi. Kat also sees Patrick and asks him to come for dinner. Patrick says he doesn't do family dinners. Kat comes home and explains to Walter that Patrick didn't want to come for dinner. Walter says if he really liked Kat he would have come. At school the next day, Bianca finds Dawn in the girl's bathroom and confesses she misses her. Dawn suggests breaking up with Joey – they've only been going out for a week she says. But Bianca really likes Joey. Meanwhile, Cameron hits it off with Miss Dependable, scoring her number. Joey finds out he and Bianca has been named "cutest couple" for the yearbook. Bianca confesses that she has to break up with Joey because she wants to keep her friends. Joey gets upset and says he's a good guy, not some jerk – which is true. Joey argues that if these girls were really her friends, they wouldn't say she has to choose. Bianca gives in and kisses Joey (Chastity and some of the other girls see this).

Walter comes home later that evening and this time Kat says Patrick is coming over. This puts pressure on Walter. They increase the tension (Kat's plan all along) when Patrick comes by and kisses Kat right in front of Walter and then again as they sit down to eat. Patrick says his dad is a tattoo artist and his mom is a dancer. Patrick plans to study to be an astronaut and the back-up plan is to travel for a year. Walter gets upset and yells at Patrick to get out. But Kat and Patrick only laugh – they say everything Patrick has said was a lie. Patrick says one of those things about his parents was true, but we don't know if he's still lying or not. The next day, Bianca confronts Chastity over her treatment. Bianca argues she's a still friend to all the girls and real friends wouldn't make her go through this. The girls silently agree, but with Chastity only glares. Mandella introduces Kat to her new girlfriend.

Cameron continues to call the Miss Dependable, but another student says that there was a mix-up and the real Miss Dependable is already here and she's not as striking as the other girl was. Cameron takes this in stride though and poses for the picture. Kat and Patrick are also informed by the other student that they are also nominated for cutest couple, calling them "Katrick". Some of the cheerleaders come to Bianca and tell her that they've told Chastity to back off. At home, Kat argues that if Walter doesn't trust her she'll have to resort to underground lying like every other teenager. Walter confesses he doesn't know how to handle all of this. Kat admits Walter is a good father and they agree to trust each other more.
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