10 Things I Hate About You

Season 1 Episode 9

Fight for Your Right

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Sep 01, 2009 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Walter is leaving for a gynecologist conference so Kat's in charge. An entire weekend without dad, therefore, the girls are really excited. Bianca is planning to have a party, so she takes photos to replicate the "before" state for afterwards. People are already coming over. Soon about 30 people are there and the party is going well. But Kat is getting frustrated – she says no more people or she's shutting the party down.

Chastity sees some college boys across the room and she talks to them behind Joey's back. Kat effectively acts a bouncer - she can't let 3 people at the door in until 3 people leave. "We're at capacity," Kat says. Patrick comes by as well. Kat is still upset about the dance. Patrick tries to explain. Bianca and Dawn keep Joey busy while Chastity chats up the college boys. Patrick says he was arrested. But Kat isn't so forgiving so Patrick gets upset now and leaves. Michael and Cameron have shown up and Cameron wants to apologize for the dance scheme he had. The party easily grows out of control. There must be 40-50 people there now. A lamp breaks and Kat shuts off the house's power. Bianca turns it back on. Bianca and Kat argue over taking responsibility. Kat says she's not perfect and starts letting lose too. She lets Bianca have her party as long as she takes responsibility for it.

Kat is later seen obviously drunk. Bianca is slowly realizing things are getting out of control. Joey gets upset that Chastity is flirting with the college boys. Joey and Chastity argue in front of everyone. Kat suddenly starts drunkenly singing karaoke without pants, similar to Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" (1983). Bianca now feels the pressure of responsibility. Kat finds Cameron outside and talks to him. Bianca talks to Joey and consoles him. Upstairs, Dawn calls Bianca and says there is something freaky going on. The watermelon Cameron is eating is spiked with alcohol. Both Cameron and Kat are drunk so they try to figure out how Cameron can apologize.

Someone barfs in Bianca's mascot costume. Cameron apologizes about ruining Bianca's date with Beau. Cameron confesses that he is madly in love with Bianca. But he is drunk and Bianca doesn't feel the same way. Bianca pulls the plug on her own party and tries to get people to leave. But she can't. Joey helps her so Joey and Bianca start saying someone there had crabs, which clears out the entire house! Joey and Bianca kiss but quickly dismiss it even happened. The next morning, Kat wakes and Bianca is still cleaning. Kat has a mad hangover and finds out that Patrick was over again last night. Walter is already home and he plays a movie called "house party" which was shot by the duck sitting on the coffee table in their living room. BUSTED! Walter makes the girls watch the entire broadcast with him.